Take Control Of Your Diet

Sometimes the kitchen can feel intimidating, a lot of effort, or maybe just time-consuming. But being in the kitchen is something that I LOVE doing (cooking is my therapy) and I recommend that all of you girls get in there and start to experience it too!

One of the best things about preparing your own food is having a connection with what you are creating. Remember as a kid how proud you were when you made something incredible at school? Well, the same goes as an adult! You buy the ingredients, spend time preparing them, smell the mix of scents as they are being cooked, and then you get to sit down and enjoy your efforts. Smelling our food as it cooks prepares our body for what it’s about to eat, so cooking your own food can also be very beneficial for your digestive system. This entire journey helps us to connect with our meals, appreciate them and build an amazing relationship with food! Katya in the kitchen The other benefit of preparing your own meals is that you know exactly what is in them and the quality of the ingredients that you have used. When dining out, we may not realise the kind of oils and ingredients that are cheap and available to make in bulk. When shopping for your food, always choose good quality and fresh ingredients. If you have one available, I recommend visiting a local fruit and vegetable grocer. These ingredients usually come from a local farmer.

Being plant-based means that I need to get creative in the kitchen, which is an aspect I love. This is one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to share my new recipe book with you girls! It is so easy to cook the same boring meals over and over, just because they’re simple and familiar. However, with a quick look through some recipe books and a creative mind, I can come up with some amazing, delicious and exciting meal ideas! I have just released my new recipe book that is packed with heaps of diverse plant-based meals. lettuce wrap recipe

A huge bonus to cooking your own food is that it is cost-effective, especially if you cook in bulk. When doing your weekly grocery shop, try to purchase ingredients that can be used in multiple different meals so that you use it all up and nothing goes to waste. I love to cook multiple servings of pasta, soup or stir-fry on a Sunday so that I can have it for lunch a few days in a row. My recipe book is filled with many different plant-based meal ideas that I know you girls will absolutely love! Connect with your food, get creative, cook with fresh ingredients and build a great relationship with food.