Travel stress free

Travel can be so exciting; new places, new experiences, new food (hehe) - But with all this excitement also comes an element of anxiety and uncertainty. While so many people often draw attention to the glamorous side of travel, we often forget that being out of routine in unfamiliar environments can place a lot of stress on both our body and mind! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel often for my job, and with my US Booty Camp tour just about to kick off. I thought it would be a perfect time to share my top travel tips to ensure your next trip is as stress-free as possible!

My Travel Essentials

There are a few items that I make sure I always keep close with me when I’m abroad. These may be different for you, but it’s all about finding things that make you feel comforted and grounded when you need it most!

1. Lavender Oil

I’m a huge fan of essential oils for keeping me calm, and lavender would have to be my absolute favorite. If you had to pick just one oil to pack, this would be it! I keep a small bottle (smaller than 100ml) of it with me, especially during flights, as the smell helps to calm me down. Lavender oil is also amazing for sleep, so you can dilute some in water and give your pillow a light spritz to help you fall into a more restful slumber!

2. Face Mask

Getting sick can absolutely ruin a trip and cause you a lot of unnecessary worries, and airplanes can be a breeding ground for germs that are responsible for leaving you feeling less than 100%. That’s why I always make sure I wear a face mask while I fly to help filter the air during flights, giving me some added protection against those airborne nasties!

3. Candles

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE candles! They remind me of home and give any space that gorgeous cozy vibe! They may not be everyone's vibe but I always like to set up candles in my hotel rooms to bring in that warm energy into space. “Katya

4. Blessed Sachets and Kiss My Peach

This is something I cannot live without! Especially when your traveling, there are often times where you might be stuck with food or not sure what to eat, it can help so much having a quick and easy Blessed Protein shake to keep you full and that you know will only fuel your body with the best! I’m also loving the new EHP Kiss My Peach Oxyshred as it helps to pep up my mood for coming off a fight and the jetlag - it’s caffeine free so it doesn’t make me sick or jittery!

5. Comfy clothes!

I LIVE in sweats when I’m not out and about as they make me feel so snug and I am all about COMFORT and LOW MAINTENANCE! My WBK for Men Joggers have become a staple in my travel wardrobe, especially on those long haul flights when I need to keep warm and comfy! If I am feeling like I will need the incentive to get off the plan and go for a walk, I wear my WBK activewear. I feel if it is on already, I have no excuses not to move my body!

Stay Organized! A lot of the stresses in our lives can be eliminated by simple organization - we organize or meals, our training, our jobs, so why would we treat traveling any different? How many times have you just arrived at the airport and realized you’ve forgotten one of your essentials?

Stay Active! Being away is no excuse to neglect your body completely. Often we are indulging a little more (and so we should be!) which means it’s good to keep active, if even for only a little bit! Plus, exercise is one of nature’s best stress relievers and can help make you feel more calm, confident and comfortable during your travels! I’ve put together a great workout that can be performed anytime, anywhere, so it’s totally travel-friendly for times when equipment and gyms are few and far between!