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#WBKgirl Aisha's Slim Thicc Transformation

From struggling to lose weight, to finally achieving results - Aisha's transformation can't go unnoticed. Before starting her journey with WBK, she tried losing weight with fad diets, but nothing ever worked. By the end of her first WBK challenge, she lost 13 pounds! Aisha's transformation doesn't end there - she's been able to shift her mindset and develop a healthy relationship with food for long-term success! 

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From struggling to lose weight, to finally achieving results - Aisha's transformation can't go unnoticed. 

Aisha started her journey with WBK in 2020 doing the FITMAS Challenge. Before this, she had tried losing weight with all kinds of fad diets, but nothing worked until she started WBK – she lost 13 pounds over the six week challenge (great job, girl!)

Through WBK, Aisha was able to shift her mindset, develop a healthier relationship with food, and finally lose the pounds she had been trying so hard to achieve!

 Here is what Aisha had to say about her journey being a #WBKgirl!

Her weight journey

“I’ve been on a weight loss journey since mid 2018. I was 262lbs and saw Katya’s YouTube channel and it changed my life. She inspired me to get back in shape.”

“Before Katya, I was starving myself unknowingly. Eating 1000-1200 calories a day, no carbs or sugars like AT ALL. I was extremely afraid to even look at carbs... and it didn’t work. I found myself constantly cheating, having no energy.”

WBK transformation 

“When I started this challenge I was 198 pounds. At the end of the eight weeks I was 185 pounds."

"I'm so grateful for this experience. A big thank you to Katya and her beautiful team.”

New mindset about food 

“I stuck with it the entire time which wasn’t hard to do because the meals were SO delicious and kept me satisfied. I overcame my fear of carbs and I’m so proud to be under 190lbs.”

“I’m so glad I took on this challenge, it taught me I didn’t have to eat so little or over exercise to get where I wanted to be.”

Seeing results

“Results are not going to show up if you quit!”

“Thought many times I wanted to, I never quit. I’ve felt it all… unmotivated, low confidence in the gym, sad and tired because I couldn't see progress. But you will get there, I promise. Maybe not at the speed you would like, but it’s all coming together day by day. Minute by minute. When you feel unmotivated, be disciplined. Remember why you started”. 

Aisha truly became a #WBKgirl, shifting her mindset from restrictive, to a balanced well-rounded approach. Her inner and outer transformation is super inspiring to me and to all the #WBKgirls around the globe. 

My WBK programs are designed to help you reach your fitty goals no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are at. Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips with the WBK FIT app. Workouts, meal plans and advice from my team of fitness experts and nutritionists will have you making progress like never before 👏

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Katya xx

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