#WBKgirl Bonny's FITTY Transformation

Seeing all the #WBKgirl transformations inspire me each and every day. This week, I wanted to showcase Bonny’s inspiring transformation. She’s overcome her mental and physical barriers to reach fitty goals beyond her wildest dreams! 

Bonny is a teacher from the Northern Mariana Islands (booking my next vacay there asap😍).

Before Bonny started doingWBK challenges, she struggled with anxiety and depression, which was worsened by the recent pandemic. Her goal was to improve her physical and mental wellness. She started with the Sweat It Out Challenge, and then went on to complete the THICC and the FITMAS Challenge in 2020. 

Fast forward to present day – Bonny has totally embraced the WBK mindset and developed a healthy lifestyle that helps her overcome her mental barriers  she has even competed in a half marathon! 

bonny cruz on a boat

Here is what Bonny had to say about her journey with WBK! 

Getting fit during quarantine

“At the beginning of quarantine, I struggled with heightened anxiety. With all the sudden changes in my work situation and just the new norm of the economy, I was desperate for structure and routine.

“The first program I completed was the THICC home program. After completing that challenge, I was eager to continue to do Workouts By Katya.”

Workouts By Katya Weight Loss Transformation

Overcoming barriers

“When I was 16 years old I experienced a major stroke. I have undergone open heart surgery and since then have made it my mission to live this life to the fullest while making changes to my daily routine to allow me to live a more fulfilled life.

“Days when my anxiety and depression would’ve easily paralyzed me in the past, this time I proved to myself that I can complete something. That I can show progress. I feel strong and beautiful”.

Bonny Cruz sitting on boat

What she's learned from WBK

“I learned that consistency is key”. 

I learned that proper nutrition is just as important if not more important than physical activity. I also learned that on days when I felt mentally drained that it was okay to rest while still staying hydrated and eating well.”

Staying motivated

“Our progress is determined by our effort”.

“There were days when I felt too tired but because the workout was challenging yet manageable, I knew it was something I could accomplish. I am most proud of myself for pushing through the tough days.”

Making time for exercise 

“There will be days when we're consumed by work, family, and other tasks but we have to remind ourselves that whether it’s an hour of our time or a quick 10 minutes, all that matters is that we move our bodies and get our hearts pumping."

“Today and everyday of this life, choose you! You, your wellness is worth it!” 

Seeing Bonny GLOW makes me soooo happy. She managed to transform her mindset, improve her mental health AND reach her fitty goals all throughout the pandemic!

My WBK programs are designed to help your transformation yourself, no matter what your goal is. There is nothing you can’t achieve when you’re a #WBKgirl!

Are you our next biggest transformation? Join the WBK community today!

Katya xx