#WBKgirl Erin's THICC Transformation

I love seeing all the amazing #WBKgirl transformations – hard work and dedication pays off!

This week, I wanted to showcase Erin’s transformation. Erin always had an athletic physique, but her goal was to get THICC and build her booty – which she achieved through the WBK programs!

Erin started working on her goal three years ago, and since then, has been living the WBK lifestyle of sustainable fitness and nutrition, self-love and empowerment! 

Through the WBK programs, Erin was able to COMPLETELY transform her mind and body into becoming a strong and confident woman, with the thicc body she worked so hard for!

Here is what Erin had to say about her journey!

Her WBK transformation

"The photo of me on the left is from 3 years ago! I was at a point where I wanted to be super super toned, so I could get to a place now where I’ve retained a lot of toned muscle and now gained the thiccccccnesss I have always wanted from doing various workouts, and of course with help from @workouts_by_katya!"

Accomplishing body goals

“You can truly accomplish anything you put your mind to if you push past those mental barriers, remember... your body will always keep going. It's your mind that tries to trick you that you can’t push harder, you’re defeated, you’re not good enough... that’s an illusion! YOU ARE enough and you can crush your goals 💜”

“DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T DO IT... I’m telling you that you can. Let me be proof of that.”

Healthy eating

"I eat INTUITIVELY, a lot more nutritious, I actually eat vegetables and fruit everyday and plant based. My diet is anywhere between 75%-100% (depends on the day) healthy and the rest I treat myself.”

Consistency for seeing progress

“Life is about balance but the number one thing I can recommend to all of you who want to see big changes is CONSISTENCY... in diet and exercise!"

"Create healthy habits long enough and a “week of bad eating” won’t dramatically change anything.”

Importance of self-love
“Love your curves & the skin you’re in. You’re your best advocate, be kind and be gentle to yourself... because you’re teaching people around you how to treat you ❤️"

"The most important relationship you will EVER have in your life is the one you have with yourself."

The community of #WBKgirls are SO inspiring. Each and every one of you should be SO proud of yourselves for working so hard to achieve your goals.

#WBKgirls prove that ANYTHING is possible when you put your mind to it! 

Are you our next biggest transformation? Join the WBK community today!

Katya xx