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#WBKgirl Lauren’s FITTY Transformation

This week, I wanted to showcase Lauren’s transformation, focused on tightening her waist and sculpting her booty!

Lauren completed her first WBK challenge in 2019, and since then has fully embraced being a #WBKgirl, becoming such an amazing part of the community!

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Each and every #WBKgirl inspires me with their amazing transformations! This week, I wanted to showcase Lauren’s transformation!

Lauren completed her first WBK challenge in 2019, and since then has fully embraced being a #WBKgirl, becoming such an amazing part of the community! 

Her transformation was centered around building a sculpted booty whilst tightening her waist – creating a muscular and toned body shape.

Over the years Lauren has been faced with many obstacles to her fitness journey, including the recent pandemic, yet she has overcome them through the help of WBK programs

Lauren standing in front of mirror at gym in activewear

 Here is what Lauren had to say about her journey!

Why she started with WBK

“I really wanted to commit to a program and take my diet seriously. I wanted to lose fat but still maintain muscle, specifically wanting to lose my belly fat and show my leg muscles. I wanted to achieve a smaller waist and maintain my glutes!”

"I had seen many results from the other #WBKgirls and I wanted to achieve my own!"

Lauren Cardona's 8 Week Transformation

Motivation & the WBK community

What motivates me to do WBK programs is that I see the progress week by week and it just feels good to know you are bettering yourself. I enjoy eating healthy and love to see other girls inspired and just always working hard."

"We work as a team and it just makes me feel blessed to know I can count on other ladies to help me when I’m down!”

Her progress

I have learned that when you really commit and stick to clean eating, the results you want will come. It just takes patience! I am definitely most proud of myself, I chose to not give up and really go through each and everyone of my meals and workouts everyday."

"Some days I wanted to give up but I thought to myself I am not going to get the results I want if I don’t pull through.”

Lauren's transformation

Healthy eating 

I learnt that flexibility in the diet can still work with the right food portions. I love that with WBK, depending on your goal either to lose fat, gain or build muscle, you determine your calories and you will see progress if you stick to it!

About success

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.✨”

Lauren standing in front of mirror posing at gym

I love seeing how the community of #WBKgirls stick together so everyone can feel supported to achieve results!

Beyond the physical, WBK challenges help transform your mindset so you can become the best version of yourself.

Are you our next biggest transformation? Join the WBK community today

Katya xx

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