Why You Should Go On A Hot Girl Walk

It’s not your average walk around the block - it’s a Hot Girl Walk! This newest Tik Tok Trend has us all wondering if we should start making a Hot Girl Walk part of our daily routine. Famous on social media for boosting fitness, confidence, and positivity, this is a trend that is designed to transform your mind AND body.

But what even is a Hot Girl Walk and why should you go for one? Let’s break it down! 


A Hot Girl Walk is far more than just getting your steps up… it’s actually about your mindset too. 

To put it simply, a Hot Girl Walk is a 4 mile outdoor walk that you should do every day. But, it’s not just about that - there are some mindset rules! Instead of aimlessly walking thinking about drama in your life, there are only THREE things you’re allowed to think about on your walk. These three things are:

  1. Think about what you're grateful for. 
  2. Think about your goals and how to achieve them
  3. Remind yourself how hot you are! 

Additionally, you can also do your Hot Girl Walk whilst listening to a motivational podcast to keep you inspired!


A Hot Girl Walk is designed to improve both physical AND mental fitness. 

The benefits include:

  1. Weight management. Going on a daily walk can help you lose excess body fat, tone up and boost metabolism. 
  2. Body confidence. The whole idea behind this walk is to make you FEEL better about yourself. By reminding yourself about the parts of you that you find ‘hot’, you’ll slowly start to shift into more positive thinking about your body in your everyday life. 
  3. Gratitude. Part of the walk involves thinking about what you're thankful for. This can help you find things to appreciate each and every day. 
  4. Focus + Accomplishment.This walk gives you time to think about what goals you want to achieve in all areas of your life, and time to mentally strategize about how you’re going to achieve it. This can enhance your focus and overall productivity in life.

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So, should you try this trend? We say, why not! Unlike some other Tik Tok Fitness & Diet Tips, going for a Hot Girl Walk does have both physical AND mental benefits. True transformations start from the inside and this trend recognises that. If you want to give a Hot Girl Walk a go, we recommend adding it to the end of your WBK FIT workouts! 

WBK Fit Squad xx