Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Can you please ask Katya to follow/text/communicate with me?

As much as Katya would love to connect with you personally, unfortunately, she doesn’t have time to respond to every message she receives. However, Katya has a dedicated team of fitness experts available to help you with any questions about your fitness program and they are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Team Katya will be with you every step of the way!

How much contact will I get with Katya?

Katya will be checking in each week and provide loads of helpful training tips and advice on topics such as nutrition and how to get the most out of your workout sessions. Katya will send you  weekly exercise programs and there will be special videos along the way to help keep you on track and inspired!

Is my personal information kept private?

The information you provide when you sign up for Workouts By Katya, such as your name and address, is private and only our team at Workouts By Katya have access to this information.

We do not use your photos, emails or social content or personal information without your consent. The Workouts By Katya website is private and secure and we take the utmost care in ensuring your privacy and information in protected. We use a PCI compliant third payment gateway system Stripe so that none of your payment details are retained on our website.

What payment methods are there?

We accept credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard) through our secure third party payment gateway Shopify Payments, Sezzle, and Klarna.

fitness program

I’m struggling to stay motivated, help?

Katya will be checking in each week to provide you with inspiration and fresh tips to help you along the way. It is difficult to start an exercise program! But if you stick with it you will reap the benefits.

Who can I talk to about my program?

If you do need advice on your program, just email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out.

I’m not losing weight, what am I doing wrong?

Losing weight is a process that takes time which is why Katya’s programs are 8 weeks long. During these programs, we take a photo at the start of the program - this is because the scales can be misleading! While you will be losing weight, you are also building muscle so the scales may not change much initially - stick with the program and focus on how you feel instead of what the scales say.

Do I need to join a gym to do WBK FIT Programs?

No! If you don’t have access to a gym then you can select the home-based workout option. We’ve made the at-home option very accessible so that you are able to work out from the comfort of home, without needing to worry about a gym membership.

Will I need to buy fitness equipment?

Only if you would like to for the home-based program. The only equipment you will need is some light hand weights, but we have written it as “holding an object”. So you can use things that you have handy at home, such as tinned goods or a water bottle filled with rice.

How will I receive the workouts? Videos or PDF?

Each week Katya will send you a new weekly email that will include your upcoming week's program and you will be able to access your videos from your weekly plan, which comes in PDF format. You will also have access to an exercise library where you will be able to see all exercises that you will be doing throughout the program.

I’m a beginner, will this be too hard for me?

We cover every fitness level with our programs ranging from beginner to advanced level. Each week your exercises will increase as your fitness grows. If you're new to exercising then we recommend selecting one of our beginner programs.

What program is best for me? How much exercise will I need to do?

8 Week Beach Body Transformation:

  • This program focuses on toning and sculpting the entire body.
  • The gym workouts start with 3 days per week and progressively build to 5.
  • The home or outdoor workouts are circuit style, training 4-6 days per week, with 2 circuits per session totalling approximately 30 mins.

8 Week Booty Builder:

  • This program focuses more on your glutes and booty - there are still some upper body elements, but the workouts are focussed towards toning and sculpting the booty.
  • The gym workouts start with 3 days per week and progressively build to 5.
  • The home or outdoor workouts are circuit style, training 4-6 days per week, with 2 circuits per session totalling approximately 30 mins.

Is it okay to swap between programs?

No. It is best to stick with your program for the whole 8 weeks to achieve your results. The programs are not interchangeable and are structured to provide different outcomes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your program just email us at and our fitness trainers will be happy to help you out with your questions.

Can I adjust or customize the workout plans?

The programs are not customizable at this stage. However, if you do need advice on adjusting any specific exercises due to any specific injuries, just email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out.

I feel really good and I want to do more, what can I do?

Katya’s programs have been created to start relatively easy and progress quickly. They were created in this way to reduce the risk of injury, make you feel good and decrease muscle soreness. However, if you are feeling like you would like to do more please add in another cardio session to your week's training - just remember, more is not always better. If you have any questions about your training program please let Team Katya know by sending us an email at

Can I double up my training sessions?

We don’t recommend doubling up your training sessions - two workouts twice a week does not equal one workout four times per week which is why Katya’s programs have been spaced throughout the week to include rest days. The split between rest and training days is crucial to your progress and achieving your goals. However, if you can’t train on certain days and need to adjust your program, just email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out.

How important is stretching and do I have to do it?

Katya will send you weekly emails covering topics such as stretching, but the bottom line is that we recommend you do warm up and cool down with each session including stretching. Stretching out your muscles before and after training can be done using simple movements like squats - it doesn’t have to be a static hold.

I’m struggling with a particular exercise, is there an alternative?

Some of the exercises will be hard when you first perform them, but they have been placed in the programs for their benefits. However, if you do need advice on adjusting any specific exercises, just email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out.

What if I don’t have time to do all the training sessions in the week?

When you begin Workouts By Katya, you will start with 3-4 training sessions per week. If you are struggling to find time for all of your sessions, email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out. We do not advise double training sessions as you don’t get double the risk, but they can cause you to fatigue much more and risk injury.

I’m a male, can I do WBK FIT Programs?

Absolutely! Any of the programs can be enjoyed by women and men. Guys, WBK FIT would love to have you onboard!

I don’t usually exercise, is this going to be too hard? What level are the programs aimed at?

The programs cover every fitness level from beginner to advanced and increase in intensity as your fitness level builds.There will be times when you need to push yourself a bit harder, but these are not huge steps and will help you achieve your fitness goals.

meal plans

How will I receive the meal plan?

Within a few hours of placing your order for one of Katya’s Meal Plans, you will receive a Welcome email with a link to download the meal plan PDF file. If you do not receive the program within 24 hours of ordering, please check your other folders. If you still can’t find the program, please send us an email at with your order number.

I usually eat higher protein, can I substitute some carbs for more protein?

The majority of the meals from Katya’s plans are high protein. However, if you are used to a different macro split then it may take your body a week to get used to the change in macros. If you are used to a higher protein diet and are nervous about going higher carb, here are some options:

1. When there is a carb heavy meal, half the carb content and increase the protein content.

2. Eat the carb-heavy meals around your workout so that way they will fuel you and be burnt off as energy relatively quickly.

3. Add a scoop of OxyWhey to a shake in the morning/post-workout/dessert and decrease the fruit content.

The way you pick the meals could change the macro split to 50% protein, 30% carb and 20% fat. Please let us know if you have any other questions, email us at

I just ordered but I haven’t received my meal plan, is it emailed or sent in the mail?

All of Katya’s training and meal plans are PDF files that will be emailed to you within a few hours of placing your order. If you haven’t received it, please check your “junk” or “spam” folders and if you have a Gmail address check your “promotions” tab as Katya’s meal plan may be hiding from you. However, if you still cannot find the plan please send us an email at

Is Katya vegan?

Yes, Katya is Vegan, but she's a very big believer of one size doesn't fit all. It's her chosen way of eating but she knows how important different proteins are in different people's diets and as much as she may be advertising the way she likes to eat, it's in no way advising others to eat this way. This is why her plans provide a variety of meal options. In terms of supplementation, she promotes EHPLabs OxyWhey and IsoPept because it's a very good source of protein and she believes in the quality of the products and she's so pleased that EHPLabs has now released Blessed a vegan protein powder, which she also promotes.

Are the plans vegan/vegetarian?

Katya has Plant-based meal plans available as well as her regular plans, you can choose from a weight loss plan or a Toning & Muscle Gain Meal Plan. Don’t be afraid to add your own meals to the plan - this is just a template to start you on your journey to a healthier you!

Can I drink coffee?

Yes, you can! There is coffee included in the meal plans. Try to limit your beverage consumption to water, no-sugar-added iced tea, black coffee, and other zero-calorie beverages.

How long will they last?

Each supplement stack is designed to last 1 month, but some of the individual products may last slightly longer (such as PSI, RP Max and OxyShred).

It depends on how often you use the products:

For example, OxyShred can be taken 1-2 times a day. It has 60 servings so if you have it in the morning on an empty stomach as advised - it will last 60 days :) However, it can be used as a pre-workout too so on the days you workout you can take another serving of OxyShred which will decrease the time that the OxyShred lasts.

OxyWhey is 30 servings and if you use it every day (because it tastes amazing) it'll last one month - but some people only use it on the days they workout (post-workout snack) which will increase the time that OxyWhey lasts.

I want to buy the EHPlabs supplements but I have some questions. What do I mix them with? When do I drink each one? Do they replace meals?

Great questions!! We are happy to help you understand how you can supplement with the Katya Stack to help you reach your goals. The stack comes with OxyShred, Acetyl L-Carnitine and OxyWhey Lean Protein. All of them are to be mixed with water and the recommended amount of water is listed on the label of each product.The amount of water you use is up to you - some people like their products more or less concentrated so they use less or more water.

OxyShred is the most potent thermogenic 
fat burner on the market. It encourages the breakdown of stubborn fat cells and stimulates the metabolism. Unlike other fat burners on the market, OxyShred is not a heavy stimulant based thermogenic.

What you can do is take one scoop of OxyShred and one scoop of Acetyl L-Carnitine in the morning first thing on an empty stomach. Then you can also have the same as a pre-workout before you do your WBK FIT session.

Our OxyWhey Lean Protein provides 24 grams of the purest protein per serving to help build and tone muscle. 
Almost zero fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol and lactose, while also containing mood and metabolic enhancers. Consume an OxyWhey shake post-workout or at any time of the day to increase your protein intake for the day. You can mix it with water or be creative and make smoothies with it as a healthy snack during the day. It is not recommended that you use it as a meal replacement as it is just protein, but it can be used as a snack on the go or taken alongside other meals (eg. a protein shake with breakfast or adding a scoop to your oats).

If you have any more questions, we would love to hear from you!! Just email the WBK FIT Support Team at

Do I need to buy supplements if I am doing one of WBK FIT’s programs?

You don’t need to purchase supplements to train with WBK FIT. The supplements are offered at a heavily discounted rate to assist you to reach your goals faster and enhance your training and recovery.


How much does shipping cost?

All purchases within the US from WBK FIT will be charged a delivery rate of $7- and will be sent via FedEx / Fedex Smart Post.

The shipping costs for international purchases range from USD $15- to a maximum of USD $35- depending on your location and the value of your order.

Following are the shipping costs for different regions.


All orders $7


All orders $15


Orders up to £22 -> £11 shipping

Orders up to £35 -> £18 shipping

Orders over £35 -> £25 shipping

Rest of the World

Orders up to $30 -> $15 shipping

Orders up to $49 -> $25 shipping

Orders over $49 -> $35 shipping

All successfully placed orders will be processed within 24-48 business hours and will then be dispatched from our warehouse in Dallas Texas.

How long will delivery take?

Covid 19 has affected all global carriers causing major delivery delays!!! 

Our normal delivery time frames are being delayed as couriers work to find routes, by land, air and sea, to deliver your packages safely and hygienically. You can always track your delivery time, by clicking on the provided link in your email. 

Please also check the website of your local carrier for the most up to date information about their services.
USPS is now using sea transportation to some countries, due to the inability to get packages onto the reduced amount of international flights. Please see their website for updates 

The countries most affected, with the biggest delays are listed below:

  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

If you do need any further help with understanding your tracking, please email your order number and query to our support team at 

Standard Delivery Times: 

United States:  4 - 7 working days

Asia: 10 - 14 working days

Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific: 10 - 14 working days

Canada: 5 - 10 working days

Central and South America: 7 - 10 working days

Europe (excluding UK): 10 - 14 working days

Middle East and Africa: 12 - 20 working days

United Kingdom: 7 - 10 working days

Please note these delivery times are indicative only and can vary depending upon your location and delays with public holidays.

Can I return my order?

Please contact our team at if you would like to arrange a return for any reason.

Please note that any products must be in an undamaged, unworn condition with all labels & product swing tags attached for you to be able to return them. Supplement products must be returned in their original, undamaged, sealed packaging, with the original packing slip and must be in a re-saleable condition. All apparel should be tried on over underwear, and where applicable with swimwear fittings without removing the protective adhesive strip. In the interests of hygiene, returns may not be accepted if this strip has been removed or where it is obvious the items have been worn and may be sent back to the customer. It must also be in the original packaging and returned within 14 days of purchase.

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Can I use a discount code to purchase one of WBK FIT’s stacks?

WBK FIT's supplement stacks have already been discounted for you! Simply add to cart - no further action is required.

I can’t access my PDF’s?

Please send Team WBKFIT an email at and let us know your browser and device/desktop operating system details so that we can get you up and running ASAP.

I can’t play the videos on Vimeo?

Please send Team WBK FIT an email at an email and let us know your browser and device/desktop operating system details so that we can get you up and running ASAP.