My favorite thing about being a trainer is seeing girls building their confidence whilst working out with thousands of girls around the world and smashing their goals! I'm here to make YOU the best version of yourself, both mentally and physically. Here are my totally favorite transformations to show you what its like to be a #WBKgirl.


"The picture on the left makes me emotional whenever I look at it as I can’t believe I let myself get like that. I couldn’t breathe properly walking up the stairs, couldn’t run for longer than 1 minute without becoming out of breathe and had to stop and walk and was just unhappy with everything about myself. I’d stop meeting friends and would not leave the house becoming in a constant cycle of eating and eating.

The picture on the right is such an accomplishment for me as although I had all of this motivation around me and all the reasons to start, I kept putting it off with ‘I’ll start on Monday’ and other phrases.

Something just clicked for me and I thought I don’t want to live like that anymore and worked hard in the gym and care about the foods I put into my body (thanks to Katya). Also when I run I can run 7K in one go so from when I first started to now is crazy.

I still have a long way to go but I didn’t realise how far I’d come until now and am more motivated than ever! 🙈"

"Looking back, it’s crazy the transformation of not just physical appearance but also my mentality.

In the beginning I had the mindset of ‘no days off, gotta burn the cake off, got to workout twice because I ate something high in calories’ which lead to causing bad habits and in turn, me to binge more and give up, resenting exercise.

But now I have the mindset of working out because I want to reward my body and because I enjoy seeing what my body is capable of. 

It’s just a little thing that probably isn’t even thought about but does have a big impact. Try find what works for you and enjoy the process❤️ like they say, fall in love with the process and the results will follow 😜"


"I have been following Katya for about 5 years now on IG. She’s such an inspiration, and I love her dedication and devotion to her workouts.⁠⠀⁠⠀
I learned how to love myself no matter what size I am at. I had a child 8 months ago, I know this process takes time, but I will not give up on my goals. I love the sweat I got out of every workout on here. And I’m in LOVE with the peach gains I got from WBK! Thank you Katya for helping me get my groove back and allowing me to feel confident stretch marks and all. :)⁠"


"I’ve done a Katya challenge before and loved it! These past couple of months though I felt unmotivated and I feel like this is just what I need to get back in the game! Thanks Katya!⁠⠀
This challenge helped me conquer mental blocks and reminded me that this is a one day at a time journey and to just keep pushing!⁠"


"I went from being unhappy with myself and my body, to feeling so uplifted and ready to work out! Each and every day. Even my husband noticed the difference in my positivity. Nothing can break me! ⁠⠀
This gave me life and I feel back to normal again. It was also extremely convenient that I had a meal plan to help out along the challenge. I am most definitely proud of my booty gains and thigh gains for sure!!! I’m so proud of myself and I feel the best version of myself aside from being a new mommy! Thank you, Katya!⁠"


"Seeing results has given me self confidence and helped me to realize that I am capable. I am proud to be a part of such an encouraging community!"


"I turned 40 in May & for the 1st time in my life I have abs?!⁠ This challenge showed me that age ain’t nothing but a number.⁠

Each year, you show me a side of my body I never knew existed. I’ve never felt stronger or more confident in my life! Mahalo Katya for inspiring & transforming so many lives. You’re forever my Gainz Goddess⁠."


"Through this whole corona-mess, I started to lose motivation, but being apart of this community doesn’t allow that to happen for long.

These girls and the WBK team have been so uplifting both mentally and physically that I will always be a loyal WBK GIRL! I can’t wait to get to the goals I see for myself, all because of WBK!"


“I’ve been following you since 2014 and I’m just shocked at how you’ve been able to transform and change into your beautiful self!” 


"This has been such a great challenge! It definitely toned me up & I gained a few pounds! It put me towards the journey I want to follow & has me feeling happier & healthier than ever.⁠⠀
I've always been skinny and it has been a problem gaining weight. I been following you Katya on instagram for a while now and just seeing her posts and her own story has really motivated me. I finally believed that I can gain weight & muscle and get toned at the same time. Thank you Katya 😊💛"


“Mentally, I'm 100% healthier. This challenge has given me a better relationship with food and taught me that my body has no limits - at the beginning of the challenge I was substituting exercises throughout the workouts because in my mind I couldn’t do them, now I at least try, and I often surprise myself at what I can accomplish! I am so grateful to Katya's program!”

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