Introducing WBK FIT!

Welcome to a new era of WBK. Welcome to WBK FIT.

Are you ready for something BIGGER & BETTER? Workouts by Katya has transformed into WBK FIT! Get ready to take your training to a whole new level with access to THREE incredible trainers! 

Since WBK launched in 2016, we have been able to help THOUSANDS of women all around the world transform their bodies and minds to achieve the physique of their dreams. Since then, WBK has grown into more than we could have ever imagined. It was time for an evolution, and it’s finally here!

Why We've Expanded

We are better when we stick together, girls! WBK FIT gives you the option to train with THREE amazing trainers so you can achieve your fitty goals, whatever they are! WBK FIT was designed to help keep fitness fun and fresh for all our #WBKgirls. More trainers means more diversity with your workouts to keep you motivated with your training and help you achieve next-level results! 

All three trainers have their own specialities in the fitness world to help you achieve whatever fitty goal you have! We have been working on WBK FIT behind the scenes for some time now, making sure we could provide the BEST training programs and challenges possible for all of you. Whether you’ve been a #WBKgirl for a long time or are just starting with us, you will be BLOWN AWAY with what we have to offer!

What WBK FIT Means 

The WBK community has always been at the centre of what we do. WBK FIT not only represents Katya, Daisy, and Elise joining forces, but also represents the THOUSANDS of #WBKgirls coming together to reach their fitty goals! We can’t wait for you to experience what it is like to be part of our WBKFIT Squad!

Meet Your Trainers! 


Katya Elise Henry WBKFit

Of course, ya girl Katya is still here! Building your booty and toning your waist to achieve a feminine hourglass figure is her speciality. Thousands of women across the globe have achieved epic transformations from her famous Booty Builder and Beach Body Programs. Get ready to watch your booty grow 🍑 


Daisy B Guerrero

Daisy is no stranger to being a fitness trainer. She has been coaching her followers from all over the world through her Daisy B Fit programs and bootcamps - but it was time for her to grow into something bigger and better! Giving her followers access to her programs through the WBK FIT app makes her programs more accessible and easy to use!

Daisy’s speciality is strength training with a focus on progressive overload. She loves heavy lifting to build a strong yet feminine physique. If you’ve been looking to increase your strength, build some muscle, and lift heavier than you would've ever thought possible to achieve that tight and toned bod, then Daisy’s is your girl! 


Elise Stainer WBKFit

Struggling with your fat loss journey? We are SO excited to introduce Elise as our third WBK FIT trainer! Elise has been part of the WBK community since 2018, having achieved a CRAZY fat loss transformation from doing WBK programs. Since then, she’s developed a complete love for fitness, particularly HIIT style workouts to boost fat burning. Now, Elise is ready to use her experience to help coach women who want to lose body fat and improve their fitness - no matter what your shape or size is!

So, Whats Next?

WBK FIT has workouts that are suitable no matter what your goal is. Each trainer has a specific training style that they are the master of - so you are being coached by the best of the best! 

Not sure which trainer is best for your fitty goals? Then our Fit Girl Summer Challenge is for you! This is an 8 week challenge that includes workouts from ALL THREE trainers, which is perfect if you want a taste of all the trainers styles, or you just want a little more variety to your workouts. This challenge combines strength and HIIT style training to get your body as fit as possible to achieve an incredible summer physique! 

So what are you waiting for? Join the WBK FIT Squad today!

Love, Team WBK FIT xx