Top 5 Sweat It Out Transformations

Need a little extra motivation? With our SWEAT IT OUT challenge just around the corner, we’ve rallied up 5 of our top #WBKgirl transformations from the previous SWEAT IT OUT challenge!

These girls show that with the help of WBK FIT, you CAN achieve your physique goals and sculpt your dream bod just in time for the new year!👏


“This challenge showed me that age ain't nothing but a number! I just turned 40 and for the first time in my life, I have abs! I’ve never felt stronger or more confident in my life!”


“I’ve been on my fitness journey for quite some time, but the Sweat It Out Challenge was exactly what I needed! The challenge was absolutely amazing, helping me grow my peach while toning the rest of my body. I LOVED IT!”


“I joined this challenge because I needed the motivation to work out again after having my baby 7 months ago. I went from being unhappy with myself and my body, to feeling so uplifted and ready to work out each and every day.”

“I learnt in this challenge that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. This gave me LIFE and I feel back to normal again. I feel like the best versions of myself!”


I LOVE this challenge! It really works and I’m SO proud of myself. I was so motivated and have been hitting the gym and eating well. WBK is so inspirational and proves that surgery is not always the solution.”


“I learned that anything can happen when I really put my mind to it! So proud of the progress I’ve made mentally and physically!" 

We are SO excited that SWEAT IT OUT is back and better than ever! Whilst last year the challenge was 8 weeks long, this time around, we’ve planned your workouts and nutrition so you can get great results even faster! With just SIX WEEKS of training and nutrition, you can achieve the bod of your dreams and end the year with a BANG! 

So girls, what are you waiting for? SWEAT IT OUT begins on NOVEMBER 8th so SECURE YOUR SPOT today!

WBK FIT Squad xx