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WBK Trainer Elise’s CRAZY Transformation

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WBK FIT trainer Elise’s complete physical and mental transformation has turned heads all over the globe. From #WBKgirl, to WBK FIT trainer, to becoming a Tik Tok sensation, Elise has shown all of us what hard work and dedication looks like! 

We are going to throw it back and delve more into Elise's journey and how she accomplished her CRAZY weight loss whilst boosting her mental health along the way!

It all started with WBK... 

Elise first started with the WBK New Me Challenge back in September 2018. 

After the eight weeks challenge, Elise started to see improvements in her body composition as well as feeling more energised, confident and happy. Feeling so good post-challenge, Elise continued with more WBK challenges.

Within one year of starting with WBK, Elise went from 236 pounds to 167 pounds - that’s a weight loss of 26 pounds! Her AMAZING transformation didn’t go unnoticed - we crowned her as the winner of the body transformation challenge back in 2019!

To becoming a WBK Ambassador 

Elise completely transformed herself physically, mentally and emotionally into a strong, confident and positive #WBKgirl! We were SO impressed with her transformation and love for our programs, that she became a WBK ambassador back in November 2019! Since then, Elise has been inspiring THOUSANDS of other women to change their lives for the better on her instagram. 

Elise quickly started getting more and more attention on social media by sharing her mind-blowing transformation as well as radiating positivity to inspire her followers. After years being with WBK, Elise became the fat loss expert. It was time for Elise to share her fat loss secrets to a bigger audience… that’s when she became a WBK FIT Trainer! 

And finally becoming a WBK FIT Trainer!

In May 2021, Elise became a WBK FIT trainer, launching her very own fat loss program! After years of working on her own transformation, Elise knew
exactly the types of workouts and types of meals that would help others achieve the weight loss of their dreams. 

Elise’s Fat Loss Program has since become one of the most popular WBK FIT programs to date! The combination of HIIT and resistance training, coupled with delicious macro-friendly meals and mindset support, has helped thousands of #WBKgirls across the world!

Supplements that helped Elise achieve her transformation

Blessed Protein has been an absolute essential for Elise. This plant-based, all natural protein powder contains 23g of protein per serve and comes in SO many delicious flavours (you MUST try Banana Bread 🤤). Protein is excellent for stabilizing appetite and keeping you fuller whilst on your fat loss journey. 

OxyShred has also been a MUST-HAVE. OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner that contains metabolism-boosting natural ingredients to accelerate fat loss. Not only does it help fat loss, but it boost energy so you can make the most of your workouts! 

If you really want to kick-start your fat loss journey - then Elise’s bundle is for you! 

Elise Fat Loss Program Bundle

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Losing weight can be a mega challenge, but Elise PROVES that you CAN achieve your goals with consistency, dedication, and the right program! No one knows how to achieve fat loss better than Elise does. Her proven methods have garnered more than 4.4 MILLION likes on Tik Tok! 

So what are you waiting for? Let Elise help you on your fat loss journey and join her fat loss program today! 

WBK FIT Squad xx 

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