Gym Equipments

Take your workouts to the next level with my exercise accessories. The Workouts By Katya gym accessories were created to help you increase your training intensity, activate your glutes and see results in the gym! You can use my booty bands as a warm up, glute activation, to make your lower body workouts more difficult, and as a booty burning finisher. My yoga mat is the perfect addition to your gym workouts as it can be used while warming up, training your core and cooling down. And there are many more accessories available in my collection!


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Single Booty Band - Blue-WBK FITSingle Booty Band - Blue-WBK FIT
The Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat-WBK FITThe Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat-WBK FIT
Cotton Band Kit-WBK FITCotton Band Kit-WBK FIT
The Booty Band Kit-WBK FIT
ClearMix Shaker Bottle-WBK FITClearMix Shaker Bottle-WBK FIT Sale
Slimer Shaker | 28oz | EHPlabs X Ghostbusters™Slimer Shaker | 28oz | EHPlabs X Ghostbusters™
Mini-Pufts Shaker | 28oz | Blessed X Ghostbusters™Mini-Pufts Shaker | 28oz | Blessed X Ghostbusters™