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Contour Pocket Legging | LATTE-WBK FITContour Pocket Legging | LATTE-WBK FIT
Contour Pocket Legging | OLIVE-WBK FITContour Pocket Legging | OLIVE-WBK FIT
Contour Pocket Legging | BLACK-WBK FITContour Pocket Legging | BLACK-WBK FIT
Contour Pocket Legging | BLUE-WBK FITContour Pocket Legging | BLUE-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | PEACH-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | PEACH-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | LIME-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | LIME-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | MAUVE-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | MAUVE-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | BLACK-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | BLACK-WBK FIT
Lounge Jogger | WHITE-WBK FITLounge Jogger | WHITE-WBK FIT
Lounge Jogger | GRAY-WBK FITLounge Jogger | GRAY-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | DOVE GRAY-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | DOVE GRAY-WBK FIT
Luxe Ribbed Leggings | SAGE GREEN-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Leggings | SAGE GREEN-WBK FIT
The Signature Legging | WHITE SMOKE-WBK FITThe Signature Legging | WHITE SMOKE-WBK FIT Sale
The Signature Legging | MIDNIGHT BLUE-WBK FITThe Signature Legging | MIDNIGHT BLUE-WBK FIT Sale
Classic Ribbed Leggings | TAN-WBK FITClassic Ribbed Leggings | TAN-WBK FIT OUTLET
Classic Ribbed Leggings | BLACK-WBK FITClassic Ribbed Leggings | BLACK-WBK FIT OUTLET
Summer Leggings | TAN-WBK FITSummer Leggings | TAN-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
Summer Leggings | BLACK-WBK FITSummer Leggings | BLACK-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
WBK For Him Joggers | GREY-WBK FITWBK For Him Joggers | GREY-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
WBK For Him Joggers | BLACK-WBK FITWBK For Him Joggers | BLACK-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale


The WBK Active women’s workout leggings hug your curves without being restrictive. The high waist band will slim your waist, and show off your curves. Feel comfortable every time you step in the gym, and secure knowing that your fitness leggings are supporting you while flattering your shape. All of my women’s fitness leggings are available in a wide range of colors, so choose the style and shade that speaks to you the most!