Plus Size Apparel

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with WBK FIT's trendy plus-size fitness apparel for women! Elevate your workout game with our cute and inclusive activewear designed to empower your unique beauty. Embrace confidence in every move with breathable fabrics, durable construction, and sizes that celebrate all body types. Join the revolution of strong, empowered women breaking barriers in fitness fashion.


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Summer Leggings | BLACK-WBK FITSummer Leggings | BLACK-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
Ribbed Lounge Onesie | HEATHER GRAY-WBK FITRibbed Lounge Onesie | HEATHER GRAY-WBK FIT
Summer Leggings | TAN-WBK FITSummer Leggings | TAN-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
Ribbed Lounge Onesie | BLACK-WBK FITRibbed Lounge Onesie | BLACK-WBK FIT
The Sporty PlaySuit | CANDY PINK-WBK FITThe Sporty PlaySuit | CANDY PINK-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
The Sporty PlaySuit | SKY BLUE-WBK FITThe Sporty PlaySuit | SKY BLUE-WBK FIT OUTLET Sale
Celeste Crop | BLACK-WBK FITCeleste Crop | BLACK-WBK FIT Sale
Celeste Crop | WHITE-WBK FITCeleste Crop | WHITE-WBK FIT Sale
The Signature Legging | MIDNIGHT BLUE-WBK FITThe Signature Legging | MIDNIGHT BLUE-WBK FIT Sale
Celeste Crop | CHARCOAL-WBK FITCeleste Crop | CHARCOAL-WBK FIT Sale
The Plunge Bra | MAROONThe Plunge Bra | MAROON
Luxe Ribbed Jacket | DOVE GRAY-WBK FITLuxe Ribbed Jacket | DOVE GRAY-WBK FIT Sale Sold out
The Plunge Bra | TEALThe Plunge Bra | TEAL
The Sculpt Bra | WHITE-WBK FITThe Sculpt Bra | WHITE-WBK FIT Sale
Celeste Crop | TAN-WBK FITCeleste Crop | TAN-WBK FIT Sale
The Sculpt Bra | GRAY-WBK FITThe Sculpt Bra | GRAY-WBK FIT
The Lounge Short | SAND-WBK FITThe Lounge Short | SAND-WBK FIT
Ribbed Lounge Onesie | LILAC-WBK FITRibbed Lounge Onesie | LILAC-WBK FIT Sale
The Signature Legging | WHITE SMOKE-WBK FITThe Signature Legging | WHITE SMOKE-WBK FIT Sale
Ribbed Lounge Onesie | FUCHSIA-WBK FITRibbed Lounge Onesie | FUCHSIA-WBK FIT Sale