6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program
6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program
6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program
6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program
6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program

6 Week Post Baby Comeback Program

$55.00 USD

or 4 easy payments of $13.75 with:

Workouts & Meals

Tone My Whole Body

Weight Loss

Join me in my 6-week postpartum program, as we work to rebuild your connection with your body, spirit and mind. It’s time to reignite your... show more

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What's Included:

  • 6-Week Workout Plan: Slowly ease your way back into your workouts with quick, simple introductory workouts 4 days a week. Strengthen your body’s foundations and regain your strength with a focus on improving your core strength, so you can get back into your regular training routine. 
  • Training Split - Approx Session Length 30-45 Minutes 
    • Monday: Legs & Core 
    • Tuesday: Rest 
    • Wednesday: Upper Body & Core 
    • Thursday: Rest 
    • Friday: Glutes & Core 
    • Saturday: Full Body 
    • Sunday: Rest 
  • Suitable For All Fitness Levels: Every postpartum journey is different! All workouts can be customized to suit you and can be completed at your own speed. 
  • Detailed Step-By-Step Workout Videos: All exercises will be accompanied by in-depth walkthrough videos to help you nail your form and technique! 
  • Choose Between HOME Or GYM Workouts: Relearn the basics where you feel most comfortable. Easily switch between home or gym exercises, so you never miss a session. 
  • Customizable 6 Week Meal Plan: A meal plan designed to give your body all the nutrients it needs AND still taste delicious. Choose dietary requirements (vegetarian/vegan options are available) and discover hundreds of mouth-watering healthy recipes. 
  • Don't Like Your Meal? Hit SWAP: All of our healthy meals come with alternative options you can swap between at any time. 
  • Don't Give Up Your Favorite Foods: Our non-restrictive dietary approach allows you to still enjoy all your favorite foods like pizza, pasta, pancakes and more! 
  • Weekly Videos From Katya!: Every week, I'll be sharing my fave nutritional and workout tips I use as I re-enter the world of fitness post-pregnancy. 
  • Working Out From Home? Here's what you'll need to get started! 
    • Dumbbells 
    • Booty bands 
    • Exercise Ball 
    • Jump rope

Your 6-week "Post Baby Program” can be accessed through the WBKFit companion app, available on both Android and Apple devices. You'll have full access for the challenge period plus an extra 2 weeks to save your favorite exercises and meals after the challenge ends!