All About Hip Dips

Have you seen the most recent trend? Hip dips have been flooddinngg Instagram over the past few weeks. In fact, the number of people searching ‘hip dips’ on the internet has doubled over the past month! So what actually are hip dips? And why is it suddenly getting a lot of attention? Let me tell you all I know!

What’s the big deal about hip dips?

Hip dips are the slight inward curve at the side of the hips, between the hip bone and the start of the thighs. Not everyone has hip dips, but a lot of women do - including me! Whilst in the past, women may have felt self-conscious about their hip dips, now women are taking back their power by embracing their bodies and posting about them on social media. It is so important to love your body the way it is – hip dips are just another part of you that makes you unique!


Can you get rid of hip dips?

Girls, there is no reason to want to get rid of them! But if you want to reduce their appearance, there are certain exercises you can include in your workouts. Whilst a lot of us have been focused on making the booty look poppin’ from the back – we shouldn’t neglect the sides of our booty! 

You may not be able to ‘get rid’ of hip dips, but there are exercises you can do that help to build the sides of the glutes for a more rounded booty. We can reduce the appearance of hip dips by doing exercises to build the gluteus medius (side booty muscles), which also will help to stabilise the pelvis and help develop your overall booty strength! 

Which exercises should I do?

Lower body and glutes-focused workouts should be your priority to build a well-rounded booty. My new Peach Please programis perrrfeecttt for this - you’ll feel the burrrnnn whilst focusing on shaping your booty and whole body toning. My classic booty band should also be a staple in your workout routine if you want to intensity the booty burning effect!

If you want to work on strengthening your side booty, give these exercises a try! 

Katya doing side lying leg raises

Katya doing rainbow exercise

Katya doing seated abductors

Girls, I wanted to remind you that you are ALL beautiful just the way you are. Trends come and go – it’s best to just focus on improving your personal health and fitness goals! My new Peach Please challenge is the perfect place to start if you are looking to build your summer body, tone up, whilst keeping your glutes in tip top shape!

I can’t wait to see all your incredible progress. If you’d like me to guide you through a total mind and body transformation, join the WBK community today! 

Katya xx