The Best Food For Gains

I often get asked by girls ‘what is the best food to eat to grow my glutes?’, so I am going to answer that in detail! We know that a progressive training program that targets your glutes is an absolute must for any lower body growth, however, nutrition plays just as much of an important role in the process.

I will start by saying that there is no specific food or ingredient that will grow your muscles, what grows the muscle is a consistent calorie surplus paired with lifting challenging weights! No matter what food you are consuming, if there is not enough in total, it will not fuel any gains.

A calorie surplus means to eat more food than you are expending. For some, this may mean that you will feel full most days for a period of time while your body and appetite adjusts (especially if you have not been eating enough!). However our bodies break down muscle tissue when we work them in the gym, so sufficient energy is needed to rebuild the tissue stronger and bigger than before. booty band squat muscle gain How do you know if you are in a calorie surplus? Counting your calories is one way to do this, however, it is definitely possible without using an app or weighing your food. You could start by slowly increasing your portions at each main meal over time. That could mean adding an extra ½ cup of beans to dinner, or an extra tablespoon of peanut butter to your snack. All of these small things will add up at the end of the day, as long as you are doing them consistently!

As stated, there is no specific food that will grow your muscles. The best food to eat to fuel your gains will be very individual. Find calorie and nutrient-dense ingredients that you love to consume and include them in your meals, to increase the calorie content (and your enjoyment). Consuming most of your calories from food that is high in micronutrients is important, as this helps to energize you. Getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals, from a wide range of plant sources, is imperative to performing well in the gym and killing your booty sessions!

Some of my favorite high calorie and nutrient-dense foods include – high calorie and nutrient-dense foods This isn’t to say that we can not consume any ‘fun’ foods in the diet. Eating food that you enjoy will help to increase the calories, as you may be more willing to fit them in! I don’t mean that you should be eating chocolate and ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, however, enjoying these things in moderation is not only good for your soul but also great for your gains! Katya at cafe

I enjoy a wide range of food that I LOVE including –

• Pretzels with peanut butter

• Dark chocolate

• Vegan ice cream

• Vegan burgers and fries

If you want to build your glutes and shape your body, then don’t be afraid of food! Consuming all of the foods I have listed (plus more) will help to energize you in the gym, help your muscles to recover and GROW! Pairing good nutrition with my Booty Builder Program is the perfect way to reach your goals.