Best Foods For Making Booty Gains

Doing all the booty exercises but still struggling to make gains? No matter how many hip thrusts you do, you won’t be able to get maximum gainz unless you are eating right! Building ya’ booty requires eating the right mix of foods so you can achieve a nice round peach  😉. 

To build your booty, you need to be eating calorie dense foods that have a good amount of healthy fats, complex carbs and protein. But are you not sure which foods you should eat to achieve this?

Y'all know Katya is the QUEEN of all things booty - so here are the best foods you should be eating to make your booty building dreams a reality!

Nuts & Nut Butter

Nuts are the perffeecttt food for getting them booty gainz  🍑. Nuts are both a source of healthy fats AND protein - which are both KEY nutrients for building your booty! We need enough healthy fats to create that round shape, and we need protein to help grow the glute muscles! 

All nuts are super healthy, but our fav’s are almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamias. You can eat a handful of nuts as a healthy snack, sprinkle some nuts onto salads, or even put a tablespoon of nut butter into your smoothie! 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Girl, olive oil should be your best friend! Olive oil is one of the healthiest types of oils, providing your body with healthy monounsaturated fats + heappsss of antioxidants like Vitamin E. Healthy fats are essential to give your body the energy it needs to grow your peach and help make you thicc in all the right places. 

Other types of oil like vegetable oils, should be limited as they are highly processed and can cause inflammation in the body due to oxidation that occurs when it’s heated.Instead, you can cook with olive oil, drizzle it on salads, drizzle some over your avocado toast and more!

Quinoa & Brown Rice

Get your carbs in, girl! Complex carbs are essential for giving your booty the fuel it needs to grow - plus, you’ll even have more energy to slay your workouts! Quinoa and brown rice are awesome carb options because they also contain a good amount of plant-based protein. Protein + complex carbs = an awesome combo to build and grow muscles, including your booty! 

It’s an awesome idea to cook up a batch of quinoa or brown rice and store it in the fridge so it’s ready when you need it. We love adding quinoa or brown rice to stir fries, burrito bowls, salads and more!


Avocado is seriously an epic addition to your meals and snacks to help fuel your booty gains! Filled with healthy monounsaturated fats, fibre, protein AND B vitamins, avocado gives your body the nutrients it needs to grow your glutes. 

Avocado is calorie-dense, meaning that you don’t even need much of it to get the good effects! Try adding ¼ - ½ avocado on toast, in salads, or even in your breakfast smoothie!

Protein Powder

Honestly, the most convenient way to get enough protein in your diet to fuel your booty gainz is protein powder! Here at WBK FIT, we LOVE Blessed Protein. Blessed is filled with 23g of plant-based protein per serve that is super easily digested without any bloating. Blessed is also free from gluten, dairy, and artificial sweeteners, PLUS it comes in a range of DELICIOUS flavors! 

Of course you can simply mix protein powder with water or plant-based milk as a shake, but don’t be afraid to get creative with other ways to use it. You can bake and cook with it, add it to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies and more! Our fav flavor at the moment is Blueberry Pie which is Katya’s collab flavor! We also strongly recommended Strawberry Mylk and Choc Coconut!

Katya Elise Henry with Blessed protein

Girls, the most important thing to remember when trying to build your booty is that consistency is key. You need proper nutrition and booty specific workouts to promote booty growth! 

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Team WBK Fit xx