Get Fitter, Faster, Stronger with Hailee!

Hey girls, it’s Hailee! 

As a PT based in Houston, I have loved seeing my client’s transformation right before my eyes. But guess what girls… I am now ready to take my coaching WORLDWIDE with the launch of my new program, Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

Fitter, Faster, Stronger is filled with heart-pumping workouts to boost athletic performance, build lean muscle AND shred fat. I’m all about building thicc quads, a snatched waist and defined upper back for a totally sculpted athletic physique. 

I am also super passionate about helping improve your mindset, so y’all are gonna get an epic confidence boost along the way! 

Why I Developed Fitter, Faster, Stronger

I have gone through so many ups and downs in my fitness journey. When I was playing college sports, I really struggled with my weight trying to achieve a certain physique. I truly believe mental health and fitness go hand in hand, so being under such scrutiny resulted in my weight fluctuating from underweight to overweight. 

I spent years trying to break that toxic cycle. I’ve FINALLY found the right balance between health & fitness and I am ready to share it with all of you! I want to be able to truly inspire and motivate you to have a healthy mindset when it comes to fitness whilst also achieving your goals 👏

What results can I expect?

Fitter, Faster, Stronger is designed to give you an inner AND outer transformation! Not only am I going to help you build your dream physique, but I am going to help build your confidence and bring out your inner glow so you can SLAY! 

You can expect to:

  • Build strong thicc thighs
  • Slim down your waist 
  • Strengthen and sculpt your back
  • Improve fitness
  • Boost your confidence 
  • Develop a healthy mindset surrounding food and exercise 

What are the workouts like?

Fitter, Faster, Stronger is an 8 week program with 6 workouts per week. Whether you're training at the gym or at home, my workouts are designed to get your RESULTS! 

My workouts include resistance training techniques incorporating progressive overload, tempo, time under tension & more to improve your strength. Workouts will also include cardio incorporated into tri-sets to get it done in the most bearable way possible! 

The training split per week is:

  • 2x lower body strength sessions 
  • 2x upper body strength sessions 
  • 1x HIIT workout
  • 1x Full Body Circuit 

Difficulty will progress as the weeks go on, so you can build those legs, slim that waist and improve your fitness by the end of the program! 

What are the meals like?

Fitter, Faster, Stronger also includes a DELICIOUS 8 week recipe based meal plan designed by expert nutritionists! We have both a no-dietary restriction and vegan meal plan available for you to choose from. 

The best part is, YOU can customize your meal plan! With over 500+ recipes on the database, you can use the ‘swap’ recipe feature to pick meals that suit your preferences. PLUS, you get to pick if you would like 4, 5, or 6 meals per day. 

We’ve got everything from pasta, to pancakes, salads, stir frys, tacos, smoothies and SO much more. My fav’s include mozzarella stuffed chicken breast, turkey burger and feta pasta bake 😍

I absolutely cannot WAIT for you to join my program! I am so ready to coach you to achieve your dream bod and help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can achieve in just 8 weeks! 

So what are you waiting for? Join Fitter, Faster, Stronger with Hailee, now! 

Hailee xx