How To Boost Body Confidence

Have you ever felt a little self-conscious about your body? You're totally not alone. Everyone at some stage, including our WBK FIT trainers have felt like this before. 

But the good news is you CAN boost your body confidence and work to become the fiercest, sexiest version of you!

WBK FIT trainers Elise and Daisy are ready to help #WBKgirls by sharing more about their body confidence journey and the strategies that helped give them the confidence to SLAY! 

Elise's Tips 

I used to really struggle with body confidence. I would cover up as much as possible, wearing baggy t-shirts and leggings in summer, whilst everyone would wear bikinis and swimsuits so comfortably, wishing for a piece of confidence they had.

But since then I’ve come a long way in gaining body confidence! 

No matter what size or shape, confidence is beautiful and powerful. Here are my tips and tricks to help you on your body confidence journey: 

  1. Stop comparing yourself on social media. Everyone has different body shapes, different genes, trains differently, and eats differently, so stop with the comparison. We could all eat exactly the same and train exactly the same, but our bodies will still look different.

  2. Each time you walk past a mirror, tell yourself you’re beautiful. Sounds cliche, but over time, the way you say it will change, it’ll become second nature, and you’ll start to listen. 

  3. Forget what anyone thinks. It’s your life, don’t waste summers trying to cover up, for people you’re never going to see again, because you’re worried what they might think. It’s your life, not theirs.

  4. The key to body confidence is self love. Take yourself for lunch, get your nails done, go to the spa, to the gym, buy a cute new outfit, learn to love yourself.

  5. Finally, be your own, biggest hype woman. Hype yourself up. Even the small things, hype yourself up!!! Your hair looks cute, hype it up! Talk to yourself like someone you love.

“It’s time to start embracing you for you, your uniqueness and your own beauty! And remember confidence is the best accessory, you should never leave without it!"

Daisy's Tips

Although most people think boosting body confidence is about how you look physically, in reality, a big part of boosting body confidence isn’t about looks at all. It’s about physical activity, how you view yourself mentally, how you talk to yourself, and so much more. 

I used to be that girl that would stand in front of the mirror and pick herself apart. A while back, I decided that I already deal with other peoples negative opinions about me, the last thing I need is for me to be negative about myself too!

Here are the ways I boosted my body confidence that you can use to boost yours! 

  1. Establishing performance-based goals. Instead of focusing on how you want your body to look, I’ve found it super helpful to focus on hitting goals in the gym!

    Being able to lift a certain amount of weight or just being able to get in more reps really boosts my confidence because I know that I’m getting stronger, whether you can see it or not.

    Knowing you’re getting stronger, getting through something you once thought was difficult, hits so different. It’s very empowering and it boosts my body confidence so much!

  2. Changing self-talk.Changing the way I talk to myself has made a big difference.

    Instead of pointing out things about myself that I don’t like, I started to point out what I did love and what makes me unique. 

    Trust me, the more you say things, the more you start to believe it and you truly start to embody this confident person. Be nice to yourself, admire what your body does for you, and what makes you unique.

  3. DO THINGS FOR YOU!Keep it real with yourself, do what you genuinely love to do, what makes you feel the best, because that’s what will give you and help you build up that body confidence we all deserve!

“Building confidence is a never ending thing but it does get better and better with time if you just try!💘"

Although we can all be a little self-critical at times, you CAN change your mindset and take your body confidence to the next level following our tips!

WBK FIT is not just about physical transformations - we also strive to take you through a journey of self-love! With more confidence and a strong mindset, ANYTHING is possible - all our #WBKgirls are proof of that! 

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Elise and Daisy xx