How to Prepare For A WBK Challenge

Ready to get fitty AF? Preparation is key, girls!

You’re all signed up to my Peach Please Challenge …. but now what? Learning how to prepare yourself for starting a challenge will help set you up for success!

Starting a challenge, especially if it is your first WBK challenge, is a big step. You want to make sure that you are getting the most you can out of the challenge. To see maximum results, preparation is key, so you’re fully ready to kick off the challenge when it starts!

Here are my top preparation tips!  

Top preparation tips for starting a health and fitness change

Set yourself goals

Think about what you hope to achieve from doing the Peach Please Challenge… a tighter waist? Sculpted booty? More confidence? Really think about what you want to get out of the challenge, not only how you want to look, but how you want to FEEL.

Write down whatever you come up with in your phone or in a journal so that you can refer back to it during the program to keep you on track!

Get organized

When starting a new challenge, it can feel overwhelming at times to have to fit in time for your workouts and stay on track with your meal plan.

The best way to overcome this is to get organized with my WBK Diary! It has several sections for you to keep track of food and workouts, and also has sections for mindfulness, gratitude and goal setting. Knowing you have your diary with you will help you feel at ease! 

Update your wardrobe 

Dress how you want to feel, girls! How we dress actually has a bigggg impact on how we feel about ourselves and even impacts our motivation levels! Nothing will make you feel more ready to workout than getting some new activewear!

Get some outfits ready for when you start your gym or home workouts. Make sure you have activewear that YOU feel comfortable in, whether it's leggings or booty shorts!

Katya Elise Henry posing with activewear

Get your equipment ready

If you plan to predominantly be completing the home workouts instead of the gym workouts (dw girls, you can switch between home and gym whenever you want), you may need to get your equipment ready for when week 1 starts! For home workouts, you will need dumbbells and a booty band to complete the exercises with more intensity.  

Don't forget your supps!

Supplements  can be a masssivvee help during a challenge to maximize your results whilst keeping your appetite stable and sugar cravings at bay! Some of the recipes in the meal plan like smoothies and desserts use protein powder to help increase protein intake, keep you fuller for longer and fuel your muscles from all the workouts.

I love Blessed protein powder because it's plant-based and tastes soooo delicious! If you’re new to supps, give supplementation 101 a quick read so you can decide which supps will be best for you! 

Katya Elise Henry posing with Blessed protein powder and shaker

I am SO excited to coach you through the 8 weeks of Peach Please! This challenge is the first to be on my NEW app for both iPhone and android, so no one misses out! Peach Please is all about a physical and mental transformation so you can rock your best beach body yet, just in time for summer!

Not signed up yet? Don’t worry, it's not too late – Peach Please  starts on April 12th! So girls, let's build our beach bodies together. I can’t wait to see what you achieve! 

Katya xx