Introducing Daisy!

Get strong with Daisy! 
We are SO excited to announce Daisy as our new WBK FIT trainer! Daisy has dedicated years to helping her audience improve their fitness and transform their lives through her Daisy B Fit programs. Now, Daisy is ready to take her coaching to the NEXT-LEVEL to help #WBKgirls get strong AF!

Who Am I?

Hey, bbs! My name is Daisy Guerrero and I am a fitness trainer! I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but now I reside in the heart of Los Angeles😍 I am SUPER passionate about helping people push themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve a total physical and mental transformation. I love sharing my workouts and plant-based lifestyle on my instagram and Youtube channel - getting to connect with all of you is what I love most! I am SO ready to start coaching y’all through the Fit Girl Summer Challenge - let’s do this! 

Daisy B Guerro

My Journey 

I haven’t always had my level of fitness! At one point, I fell completely off track with my health. I was going through my own mental struggles, which really made it hard for me to find the motivation to exercise and eat well. For a year and a half, I was the heaviest I had ever been, and I really wasn’t feeling my best.

It came to a point where I realised I was sick of being unhappy with my body. It was time for me to pull myself together and get myself back on track. Slowly but surely, that’s exactly what I did! It took A LOT of patience and consistency, but overtime, I was finally able to improve my fitness, feel more confident in my body, and completely boost my mental health!

Daisy B Body Transformation

My Motivation 

Growing up I always knew I wanted to help people, but I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. As my passion for fitness and health grew, I went from posting locker room gym selfies to workout vlogs on YouTube. The more I posted, the more I saw girls inspired to join in on the lifestyle.

Honestly, fitness started off as just a hobby for me. As for most, I went from “I want to tone” to “I want to be strong and build muscle!”. From there, I started working hard every day to reach my goals and a few years, tears, and ups and downs later, here I am!

Daisy B

My Training Style 

I absolutely LOVE strength training. Nothing feels more empowering than being able to lift more than you ever thought you could! Once I started doing strength training, I REALLY started seeing results. I love how lifting really does help create a muscular yet feminine physique, or what I like to call - slim thicc! I’m SO excited to introduce you to my style of strength training in the Fit Girl Summer Challenge

Aside from strength training, I also lovveee jump rope! It’s something I really worked on during quarantine. I went from only being able to jump for 2 minutes to now jumping rope for over 30 minutes! I just love constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone - and as your coach, I am going to encourage you all to do the same!

Why I Joined WBKFIT

I had been successfully coaching my girls through my own brand Daisy B Fit for over a year. My OG girls loved the THICKnFIT program, which was created to suit the style of training I was doing at the time. But since then, I have changed so much and so had my style of training. I was evolving as a trainer and I knew I wanted to take my brand to the NEXT-LEVEL for all of you!

Daisy B Fit had grown into something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined - it was time for me to upgrade and provide an even BETTER experience for you guys! Instead of my programs being offered through PDFs, now I am able to coach y’all through the WBK FIT app! It’s going to be SO much easier to workout with me than ever before. I am really excited to reach a whole new audience and help #WBKgirls build some muscle and get strong!

Ready to train with me? The Fit Girl Summer Challenge is the PERFECT opportunity for you to experience my training style! You’ll get to train both upper and lower body strength sessions with me throughout the 8 weeks to build your strength and confidence. Whether you’ve never lifted before, or you're totally comfortable with it, I will be with you EVERY step of the way to set you up for success! 

I can’t wait to coach you guys! 

Much love, 

Daisy xx