Love Your Body: 5 Tips For Body Positivity

Ever felt a little conscious about your body? You’re not alone.

Loving your body is often easier said than done, but learning to embrace your body with confidence is something you should strive towards every single day.

Body positivity is all about having positive attitudes towards your body, no matter your shape or size. When striving for a physique goal, it can be very easy to slip into a negative mindset, but we are here to help you learn to love yourself! 

#1 Change your self-talk 

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought something negative about your body? If so, actively trying to correct this will be the first major step in fostering body positivity.

A simple rule to follow is this: if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, then don’t say it to yourself! We can often be our own harshest critic, but girl, cut yourself some slack and transition those negative thoughts into something more positive! 

#2 Practice self-affirmations

The more you say something, the more believable it is. Trust us, the mind is more powerful than you realize. A great strategy can be to look in the mirror and say a positive affirmation about yourself. Yes, say it out loud! Try some affirmations like “I am beautiful”, “I am unique” and “my body deserves love and respect”. Whilst it may feel crazy at first, the more you do this, the easier it becomes, and slowly your mindset will start to shift. 

#3 Focus on health, not weight

Repeat after me: weight does not dictate health.

Often, people get stuck in the mindset thinking that you have to be skinny to be healthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Health is about how you feel, your energy levels, mood, hormones balance, fitness ability, nutritional adequacy, mental resilience and SO much more.

Instead of focusing on the current shape you're in or how much you weigh, think about all the INCREDIBLE things your body does for you. Try to fuel your body with nourishing foods and exercise YOU enjoy, as opposed to restriction and treating exercise like a chore. By doing this, you’ll feel SO much more appreciative of your body. 


#4 Avoid triggering or negative social media accounts

Follow someone who makes you feel less than great about your body? Unfortunately, social media can trigger more anxiety and body image issues in many women due to the overexposure to ‘perfect’ bodies. Comparing yourself to these types of accounts is not helpful in any way. 

So what should you do? Go through your social media and unfollow any account that brings you feelings of self consciousness. Instead, focus on following accounts that make you BETTER about yourself, not worse.

#5 Focus on what you DO like about yourself 


Take the time to actually discover what YOU love most about yourself and write it down. Maybe it's your smile, or an aspect of your personality. Focusing on what makes you special and unique is the ultimate way to foster self-love and positivity. Even while you're chasing a physique goal, never let yourself forget what makes you beautiful.

Whilst it's natural to feel body conscious sometimes, we all deserve to feel GOOD about our bodies. You CAN take the necessary steps to feel better about your body and shift into a more positive mindset.

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Katya and Elise xx