Bring Your Makeup Bag Back To Nature

Hey Babes, I’m always looking for ways to be kind to the environment, as well as ways to make my lifestyle that little bit healthier. I’m all about that natural, plant-based life!

Recent studies show that bringing things back to nature when it comes to skin care can be just as effective as splurging on a dermatologist. If you have sensitive skin, or similar conditions, you will benefit from keeping things as natural as possible. A natural approach can be just as effective, tends to be cheaper and your conscience can rest easy knowing your use of the products isn’t harming the environment It shouldn’t come as a surprise that beauty products don’t have a particularly harmonious history with animals and the environment, considering that there has been so much attention on the use of animal testing in the beauty industry for many, many years. So this is brings me to my first tip: “natural

1. Look for cruelty free beauty products

Choosing makeup that has not been tested on animals is probably the most fundamental step in minimizing the negative impact of your beauty regime. You’d be surprised at how many brands still conduct animal testing and use animal-derived ingredients. Instead, let’s support cruelty-free and vegan businesses by purchasing their products! These are becoming very popular and popping up in stores and online everywhere. Jeffree Star is one of my fave makeup brands that is cruelty-free and vegan! You can also head into your local multi-branded cosmetic store and ask which of the brands they carry are cruelty free or vegan. These days, there are so many different brands to choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that is natural, suits your skin type and matches your tone. Look for vegan friendly certifications such as the PETA certification, ‘certified vegan’ or the Vegan Society logo. These kinds of markers will reassure you that the manufacturing process for the products you are buying are guaranteed by an external regulatory body.

2. Choose your brushes wisely

While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest or the prettiest makeup brushes, many of them haven’t been made in an ethical or sustainable manner. In fact, makeup brushes can be labelled as ‘cruelty free’, whilst still be made using animal products. Traditionally, animal hair is used to make the bristles in cosmetic brushes. However, there are more and more synthetic options that are increasingly eco-friendly as well as animal friendly! Spectrum make gorgeous brushes that are dreamy and soft, look amazing and are completely vegan! Eco-tools make PETA certified brushes that are not only free of animal products, but also sustainably sourced and packaged, and they feel amazing on your skin! “make

3. Check the ingredients list

Just like food labels, reading the ingredients label on your cosmetics can provide a lot of insight! Similarly to food, the fewer the ingredients a product has, the more natural it tends to be. However if you delve a little deeper, there are several common animal-derived ingredients in skin care that you should keep an eye out for:

• Lanolin - made from fat within sheep’s wool and is used as a moisturiser

• Honey and beeswax - while the use of bee products in vegan lifestyles is a personal preferences, strictly speaking these products are not vegan. If you wish to avoid bee products keep an eye out for these in your cosmetics.

• Carmine/ Cochineal - also referred to as red 4, these ingredients are common in lipsticks and are derived from insects. Other widely used ingredients include guanine, tallow, gelatin, collagen, estrogen, ambergris, squalene and retinol. “make

Other ways you can make things more beautiful naturally:

• Recycle your containers and buy from stores that either use eco friendly packaging or none, like Lush cosmetics!

• Start on the inside- eat a diet that’s rich in nourishing whole foods and move your body regularly! You don’t have to be plant-based to improve your natural beauty from the inside out, but if you are interested in transitioning and getting more active, I have several options to help support you! I provide plant-based and regular meal plans and workout plans to help you become the best version of yourself.

• Choose more natural hair products - I have a few recipes that I use regularly to make all natural hair masks and I also choose Alba Botanica’s shampoo and conditioners because they smell amazing, keep my hair looking good, and the company embodies principles I value. There are so many ways you can incorporate a more natural approach to your beauty regime, so I encourage you to start with these little changes and see how else you can improve! The best way to find out about cruelty free, sustainable, eco-friendly and natural approaches to health and skin care is to start your own research! Talk to people about how they approach their skin care, ask your beautician about what they are doing to be more plant-based in their business and encourage them to provide more options for their clients. You can also simply spend some time on the internet and reading, looking to see what products and resources are available! “there