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My Top Tips for a Planet Friendly Diet

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Ya girl has been a little busy enjoying life too much and hasn’t been 100% with her food and workout routine! It happens, I’m only human! I love being real with you guys, and in turn, my #WBKgirls inspire me to get back in good habits. I preach a plant-based lifestyle, not only because it makes me feel good in and out but also because of the environmental benefits. Let me show you how your diet can be healthy, delicious and sustainable!

Buy only what you NEED!

I know, I know it’s easy to get reallllll carried away especially when grocery shopping. Add to cart, ya know what I mean...


At WBKm we recognize the importance of nutrition as well as hitting your workout goal. That’s why we equip you with a weekly shopping cart when you buy a program or join a challenge. This will allow you to plan your shop, buy only what you need and decrease your household wastage. How many times have you had a sad, soggy, ol’ lettuce sitting in the back of your fridge. Uh huhhh, I know you have! By planning our grocery trips we can start to make a positive environmental impact on the planet even if it is a small one!


If you have the means, try to buy products that are sustainably grown. Sustainable farming means that the crop growing doesn’t deplete natural resources. If you’re shopping at a farmers market, stop to have a chat with the seller and ask them about their farming practices. Shopping locally can help with sustainability too, as the less the food has to travel to get to you, the smaller foot mileage it will have. Bonus: this food can typically be fresher! 

Did someone say Meatless Monday?!

Reducing your meat consumption can have positive environmental benefits as most of the time meat products use a lot more water to prepare than plant products. Implementing even one meat-free day per week can be beneficial. Why not try a Meat-Free Monday and give this delicious meal a go! It’s healthy, delicious, and good for the planet!

Veggie Tofu Bowl

Eat LESS of these foods….

Eating a healthy, balanced diet while getting that snatched waist and THICC thighs is what WBK is all about! That being said, we recommend limiting the consumption of refined grains such as processed breads, added sugars (from candy, etc), and processed foods. These foods are okay on occasion however shouldn’t make up the bulk of your nutrition. Focus on getting your nutrients primarily from whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. 

Who’s ready to kick some nutrition goals while saving the planet??? Let’s do this ladies! Tag me on socials to let me know what you’re doing to make your diet more sustainable!

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