Socializing & Healthy Eating - Find The Right Balance!

Eating healthy whilst still having a social life can be mega challenging - but it’s not impossible! 

Whilst it may seem like you need to eat healthy 24/7 to achieve your goal, it totally isn’t the case. 

With the right strategies, you CAN have a fun social life and enjoy eating out whilst still making progress with your health and fitness.

But how exactly can you do this? Here are our top 5 tips! 

Eat balanced the day of the social event

Should you reduce what you eat in the day to ‘save calories’ for your indulgent meal later in the day? Absolutely NOT! In fact, doing this will make you far more likely to overeat and feel bloated after the social event.

Everything can be enjoyed in moderation. The day of your social event, eat how you usually would. Continue to enjoy balanced meals and snacks to keep your appetite regulated and your digestion in tip-top shape. Trust us, you'll still be able to enjoy your social meal later on! 

Drink water

Let’s face it, water really is the healthiest drink option. Whilst you can totally enjoy soft drinks or alcohol from time-to-time, drinking these types of beverages too frequently can hinder your fitty goals.

Most types of alcohol and soft drinks are calorie-dense and contain lots of sugar that can affect body weight and make you feel less than best the next day.

So girls, drink water where you can! But if you’re really feeling like an alternative drink, opt for a lower-calorie alcoholic drink such as vodka, lime & soda, or a sugar-free soda.

Keep to healthy portions

We all know that restaurant servings are extremely generous, but there’s no need to feel pressure to finish your plate! You can still enjoy indulgent meals by:

  • Asking for a side plate and serving yourself a moderate portion. 
  • Sharing a meal with your friend. 
  • Asking for your leftovers to be transferred into a takeout container for you to take home and enjoy another day! 

Opt for veggie-packed meals 

Just because you're eating out doesn’t mean you have to neglect your health goals! These days, most restaurants have incredibly diverse menus, with plenty of delicious and nutritious options!

Meals that include plenty of vegetables are always a good choice. You could opt for dishes like stir fries, salads, protein with veggies, and burrito bowls. Alternatively, you can always order a side salad or side steamed veggies to accompany your main meal for an extra kick of fibre and antioxidant

Be kind to yourself

Just because you are working towards your fitty goals, doesn’t mean you should be excessively strict on yourself. Eating with friends is a part of life. Plus, it’s super fun and a great way to catch up with your besties!

The trick is to allow your mind the freedom to make food choices that will make you feel good. Whilst opting for healthy food and drink choices is ideal, if you feel like the burger and fries, go for it!

It all comes down to balance. One night of social eating is not going to negatively affect your body. Aim to eat nutritious, balanced meals as often as suitable to you, and you will be able to reach your fitty goals! 

Whilst it may seem impossible at first, healthy eating does not have to impact on your social life. With the right strategies, hanging out with your besties whilst still achieving your fitty goals will become a breeze!

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