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Struggling To Make Gains - How #WBKgirl Brianna Got THICC

Here at WBKFIT, we LOVE celebrating our #WBKgirls' successes! Today we are highlighting Brianna's THICC transformation. Having always struggled to gain weight, Brianna started doing Katya's programs in hopes of getting them booty gainz - and that's exactly what she achieved! Let's see what Brianna had to say about her journey!
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Here at WBK FIT, we LOVE celebrating our #WBKgirls’ successes! Each and every day, girls around the globe are achieving incredible physical and mental transformations thanks to our WBK FIT programs

Today we are highlighting Brianna’s transformation. With the help of WBK, Brianna has been able to finally build her glutes and create the THICC figure that she always wanted! Brianna is also one of our ambassadors, helping spread the word about us through her transformation. 

Brianna had one goal in mind when she started doing WBK programs - to be able to change her physique by building her booty and gaining some healthy weight - just like Katya had done. Like many women, Brianna is naturally thin and has always struggled gaining weight. WBK was the first time she was ever able to actually get those gainnzz and maintain it! 

Let’s see what Brianna had to say about her journey! 

booty transformation

Joining WBK

“I had started doing Workouts by Katya back in 2016 when it was still fairly new and I was just starting college. I was a very skinny girl who always struggled to gain weight so the program that stood out to me the most and truly helped me was the booty building program!”

Physique Goals 

“My physique goal when I first started with WBK was to officially hit over 100lbs and grow my legs and glutes.”

“When I saw Katya’s transformation on how she went from a super skinny cheerleader (which is what I was too) to growing her legs and booty, I knew I could do it too with plenty of hard work and dedication!”

booty transformation

Transformation & Seeing Results 

“It felt absolutely amazing to see results for the first time.”

“Though it took a few months to a few years to see major results, taking those beginning before pictures and the after pictures every few months are what kept me going because I knew I wanted more and I was slowly but surely getting there. I have been doing programs for the last 4 years and my overall transformation is mind blowing!”

“I have wanted to use my transformation to encourage other girls who struggled with gaining weight and muscle and let them know that it is possible!”

WBK Meals 

“I loved that the food and meal plans by WBK are very diverse and gave girls the option to have vegan meals and regular meals.”

“The meals are extremely healthy and delicious, which are perfect for eating while wanting to work on your dream body while doing the programs and challenges!”

WBK Workouts 

“I really enjoyed how the WBK workouts were very diverse for both at home and gym usage.”

“I love how the app is very easy to use and very explanatory while having it at the palm of your hands.” 


“I started using Blessed Protein a little over a year ago and I absolutely LOVE IT! My favourite flavour is Strawberry Mylk.”

blessed protein powder

 Our three WBK FIT trainers, Katya, Daisy and Elise, are here to coach you through your transformation. No matter what your fitty goal is, with the right training, nutrition, and mindset - it is completely achievable! Our Fit Girl Summer Challenge is the PERFECT opportunity to work on your fitness and get one step closer to your ultimate transformation! 

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Love, Team WBK FIT xx 


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