Supplementation 101

When you are new to supplements, it can feel quite daunting! But don’t worry – your girl is here to break it down for you! Whether you are new to training or are an advanced trainer, supplements can definitely make a big difference in helping both your nutritional and physical goals.

But how do you know which supplements you should actually be taking? And which one’s will make the biggest difference? Well, I am here to set the record straight!

The Multifunctional Supplement 

Protein powder can help you whether you want to grow your peach or shred body fat! Protein is the key for building muscle, decreasing muscle soreness, and stabilizing appetite. But did you know that protein also promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, regulates mood and strengthens the immune system? 

The problem is, it can be reeaallyyy tough to meet your protein requirements through diet alone - that’s why I LOVE the convenience of protein powders. Personally, I’m obsessed with Blessed Plant-Based Protein – it is vegan and it tastes DELICIOUS! The best part is, you can have it as a traditional protein shake OR you can even bake with it to make healthy sweets! 

Check out my fav protein smoothie recipe!




  1. Place the liquids into the blender first.
  2. Add remaining ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

The Fat-Burning Booster

For my #WBKgirls who want to boost their fat loss progress, a fat-burning supplement could be for you! My all-time FAV is OxyShred because it helps shred fat and boost metabolism with key fat burning nutrients like carnitine, which helps use fat as an energy source! OxyShred also doubles as a pre-workout energy booster, but if you're caffeine intolerant – don’t worry, OxyShred Non-Stim gives you natural energy and all the same fat-burning ingredients without the caffeine! 

The Complete All-Rounder 

Multivitamins are the perrfeecttt all-rounder to help improve the immune system, boost energy, improve concentration and even promote hormone balance. Nutrient deficiencies are SO common, and it can be especially hard to get enough vitamins and minerals when eating a plant-based diet. Also, regular exercise actually increases your requirements for so many nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, iron and B vitamins! Because of this, I take Perform for women to ensure that my body is getting the full array of nutrients it needs to work as its best!

It is so important to remember that you cannot just rely on supplements to provide all the nutrition you need  – supplements work best when eating a balanced diet. However, supplements can definitely help give your body the boost it needs to help reach your health goals!

Just like training, being consistent with taking supplements is needed to see the best results. I hope all my #WBKgirls found this helpful and have learned a bit more about the power of supplementation!

Katya xx