THICC or TREAT! It’s Halloween baby!

Y’all know I love Halloween and everything that comes with it. This year may be a little different... but we can still celebrate in style! I love experimenting in the kitchen with vegan friendly halloween treats and I’ve come up with these recipes to help you get inspired. Get spooky with me :D 

My top tips to avoid overindulging in candy over Halloween

  • Focus on eating regular healthy meals. Don’t leave it too long between meals otherwise you might be reaching for closest and most calorie dense snacks to regain your energy. I know we all been there! Halloween Oreos got me goooood ;P

  • Swap your Halloween candy with healthier options. It’s possible to swap the junk with some healthier versions of your fave treats! Try my recipes below for easy sweet and savory ideas for your fave festive foods. 

  • Don’t buy it! Once the junk is in your house it can be soooo hard to resist! My top tip is to resist buying it. As the saying goes ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and I find this to be so true as far as candy goes!

  • Eat the rainbow 🌈  My #WBKgirls know I love to eat the rainbow (and I’m not talking about skittles) and feel most energetic when I do. This is because there is a huge variety of vitamins and minerals contained in colorful fruits and vegetables. Aim for at least 5 different colors per day.

Try out my fave festive Halloween recipes for a sweet treat or your savory fix below!

I just know you are gonna love these! Tag #WBK or #WBKitchen on insta to show me your recreations. THICC or Treat baby!!!

Poison Apples | RecipePoison Apples | Recipe Ingredients & Method

Stuffed Frankensteins | RecipeStuffed Frankensteins | Recipe Ingredients & Method

Orange Jack O Lantern | RecipeOrange Jack O Lantern | Recipe Ingredients & Method

Happy treating ;)