Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

With the current pandemic happening around the globe, I know that a few of my #WBKBabes are probably dealing with some stress and anxiety. How do I avoid getting sick? How do I avoid spreading this virus? Should I go to the gym? How do I calm this anxiety??? I am not a mental health specialist, however, I would like to share some tips that could potentially help calm and relax a few people when you are feeling overwhelmed. A large way to mitigate the possibility of you catching the virus (and passing it on) is to avoid largely populated areas. This could be your subway, the bus or just crowded areas. Being in a crowded place may also increase your anxiety and trigger feelings similar to someone with claustrophobia, so avoiding these situations when it is a high-risk time could be a good idea. If you do need to do this for some reason, just take higher hygiene precautions. Carry hand sanitizer with you at all times (and use it), avoid touching your face and try to distance yourself from the people around you by at least a meter. Create a calming environment. Whatever may feel calming to you, use it! I love to light a lavender candle and relax in a cool environment while listening to music that settles my heart rate. Why don’t you try a bath, or watching your favorite movie? Spend quality time with a loved one to take your mind off any anxiety that may be lingering in your body. Try some yoga. Consistent yoga practice has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, and makes it easier for you to center your mind! Try this yoga flow before bed to help calm your mind – yoga flow I hope that these tips help you to feel a little calmer when the world feels a little crazy and overwhelming! I would love to hear any other tips that you may have, feel free to tag me in your Instagram posts @workouts_by_katya!