About WBK Fit

When Workouts By Katya first launched in 2016, we had one simple goal: to help girls build their dream bodies & take them through a journey of self-love. Workouts By Katya have since evolved to be much bigger than we could've ever dreamed or imagined it to be!

May 2021 marks exactly 5 years since the launch. We've been so inspired by the growth, change & passion for the WBK lifestyle. In honor of that, it’s now time to follow in these footsteps and grow with our WBK girls too! 

We are excited to announce 2 NEW TRAINERS to the WBK FIT squad: Daisy B Guerrero & Elise Rose Stanier! We want to give our girls the BEST training styles and programs, alongside the most supportive and encouraging coaches in the world!

We're so excited to turn the page and start a brand new chapter. Thank you for being a part of this incredible, exhilarating journey!

WBK Girls, let's show the world how powerful we can be. One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.

Welcome to a new era of WBK. Welcome to WBK FIT.

Love,Team WBK FIT.

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About Katya

Let's Work!

It’s your girl, Katya! I have made it my mission to help women all around the world embrace their ‘perfectly-imperfect’ bodies, no matter which part of their fitty journey they’re in! Yep, I’m talking about our cellulite, back rolls, hip dips... we are all so beautiful in our own way!

Overcoming the social pressures of ‘being skinny’ and ‘toned’ all the time has definitely been a challenging but rewarding one for me. I love showing people that you can train hard, eat good & still be able to create your slim-fit bod!

I can’t wait to help you reach your goals, build your confidence and learn to love the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Let’s work!JOIN KATYA’S PROGRAMS

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Work hard, everyday, for you!

Hi there! It’s Daisy here, ready to inspire & show you how to get STRONG AF in all areas of life - from the gym to your headspace!

Growing up I always knew I wanted to help people - whether that was cheering on my besties from the sideline, or showing people first hand that consistent hard work WILL get you to your dreams. As my passion for health & fitness grew, I went from posting locker room gym selfies, to workout vlogs on YouTube! From there, the Daisy community grew bigger and bigger, and it’s now safe to say that I have found my passion in helping others prioritize not only their training and diet, but also their mental health!

Today is a perfect day to get started. Any change (big or small) is change. You got this! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get STRONG together!

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HIIT Training Master

I’m Elise-Rose, and I’m from the UK! For me, the struggle has always been with food. I never realised how much of a comfort eater I was - when I was tired or had a bad day, I’d get takeaway and would comfort eat to the max - it got to the point where it became the cure to my problems.

I started my weightloss journey the same way a lot of us have - ‘on a Monday’. For me, that was with my first 8 week WBK challenge back in 2018. My biggest tip for you girls is to celebrate the small wins and take it day by day - whether that’s doing your first ever proper burpee, or slowly plucking the courage to exercise in the gym!

I now know that with the right plan & still enjoying all the foods you love, you start understanding it’s no longer a ‘diet’, but a lifestyle change, and I love that for me.

If I can do it, honestly so can you! It’s hard - but if it was easy, everyone would do it!