Answering Your Questions About BIKINI BOOTY Challenge

I’s time to build your BIKINI BOOTY! Join thousands of #WBKgirls from around the world and connect & share your experiences in our exclusive online forum. We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders, every step of the way. 

Whether you’d like to learn more about BIKINI BOOTY, or simply double check key dates and information, keep on reading - we’ll be answering the most common questions!

What is the BIKINI BOOTY Challenge?

The challenge has been designed to help you snatch that waist, tone up, AND keep that summer peach in tip-top shape. BIKINI BOOTY gives you 8 weeks worth of  structured workouts, easy and delicious recipes, expert advice & so much more!

Whether you’re starting your journey for the first time, or been a gym baddie for years, we’re all in this together!

What's included in the BIKINI BOOTY Challenge?

  • Choose to workout at HOME or theGYM! Challenge yourself no matter where you are - switch between locations easily via the app all throughout the challenge.
  • Step-by-step workout videos from all your trainers & tips to help you nail your technique!
  • 8 Week Meal Plan - choose 4, 5 or 6 meals per day, vegan or regular eating preference, and access to PLENTY of nutritious and delicious recipes. 
  • 20+ NEW tropical summer themed recipes have been added- these are the types of meals you’d love to enjoy poolside. We can’t wait for you to try our Choc-Hazelnut Protein Ice Cream, Creamy Mango Smoothie, Hawaiian Chicken Parmesan, and so much more!  
  • 24/7 COMMUNITY SUPPORT-24/7 support from my team of fitness & nutrition experts AND exclusive access to our Facebook Forum where you can connect and chat with like-minded  #WBKgirls from all over the globe!

When does BIKINI BOOTY start and end?

The BIKINI BOOTY Challenge officially begins on Monday June 6th, however, you can start up to 2 weeks late. The challenge officially ends on July 31st. 

Access to the WBK FIT app ends two weeks after the challenge concludes. You’ll also be able todownload your plan into simplified PDFs during the challenge so that you can keep it forever!

What can I expect from the workouts?

You can choose to workout at home or at the gym. There are 5-6 training days per week, designed to help accelerate fat burning, build lean muscle, and sculpt your booty.

The training split consists of 2 lower body days (glute-focused), 2 upper body + core, and 2 full body HIIT. 

What fitness levels is BIKINI BOOTY suitable for?

The challenge is suitable for ALL fitness levels, from beginners to more advanced. The workout features within the app also allow you to easily swap different exercises for something more suitable, depending on your fitness level and equipment availability.

What equipment do I need if working out from home?

If you are planning on working out from home for the entire duration of the program, you will need a set of dumbbells (preferably one lighter one heavier set), booty bands, the loop band and jump rope.

What are the meals like?

With hundreds of recipes to choose from, you will be sure to find something you love- no matter how fussy you are! Some of the delicious meals which we have include; pastas, pizzas, curries, salads, pancakes, oats, tacos, nachos, muffins, stir fry’s and burgers. You name it- we’ve got it!

The ‘SWAP’ option in the app also allows you to choose a different meal based on what you’re craving or have available.

When do I get app access?

You can access the app from Thursday 2nd June 2022. This will help to slowly transition you into the challenge and get a taste of what’s to come!

So, how do I join?

You can SIGN UP NOW, through the WBK FIT website. Once signed up, you will get a confirmation email. Then simply download the WBK FIT app and log in with your email that you signed up with! 

Are you ready to sculpt your BIKINI BOOTY just in time for the summer? Then save the date - June 6. JOIN TODAY

Katya and Elise xx