Get Ready To SWEAT IT OUT!

Girls, you better get ready… Sweat It Out Challenge is here! 

Our OG Sweat It Out challenge is back, bbs - but new and improved! Sweat It Out has been revamped to help you smash your fitty goals and end 2021 with a BANG! 

Sweat It Out brings together all four of our WBK FIT trainers to help you tighten up that bod and overcome your mental barriers just in time for the brand new year!  Get ready to transform your exercise routine, eating habits and sculpt your best hourglass bod - It’s gonna be lit!🔥

What does the SWEAT IT OUT challenge include?

  • 6 weeks of workouts: 6x days training per week with HOME and GYM options available. You can switch between the two at any time!
  • 6 weeks meal plan that  includes  4, 5 or 6 meals per day, vegan or regular options, and PLENTY of delicious recipes. You can swap meals each day to suit your preferences.
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook Forum where you can connect and chat with like-minded  #WBKgirls from all over the globe! Instant support & encouragement is just a few taps away.
  • 24/7 support from my team of fitness & nutrition experts - we are here for you!
  • $5000 PRIZE POOL! We are giving away $2000 to the best transformation and $3000 through our social media weekly cash prizes!

What are the workouts like? 

The workouts are designed to  bring out your curves and tone your body to help you achieve those FITTY goals you set out to achieve in 2021! You will be challenged but we guarantee you, you’ll be having lots of FUN along the way! 

New to working out? No problem! The app provides step-by-step workout videos from all your trainers & tips to help you nail your form so you can train like a pro 👏

The training split each week is:

  • 2x Full Body Workouts
  • 1x Booty Workout
  • 2x HIIT & Abs Workout 
  • 1x Challenge Day Workout 

To keep you on your toes and bring a load of FUN to your workouts, Challenge Day is back! Every week you’ll receive a challenge workout super starring one of our trainers. Get to know them and their training style better. Try a jump rope challenge with Daisy or why not an abs challenge with Hailee!

What are the meals like? 

With over 500+ recipes on the WBK FIT app, you’ll be able to eat like a QUEEN!

PLUS, we’ve added 20+ NEW meals to help you SWEAT IT OUT! These recipes have been designed by our expert nutritionists to ensure you’re getting enough healthy carbs, protein and fats to give your body all it needs to tone up and help you train at your best!

Some of our new fav recipes include, Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Mexican Beef Crunch Wrap, and Nutella Protein Mug Cake 😋

You’ll be able to further customize your meal plan by: 

  • Picking between regular or vegan meal plan
  • Picking how many meals and snacks you’d like in your meal plan (4, 5, or 6 meals per day). 
  • Don’t like a recipe on your meal plan? No problem! Swap your meal to another meal on out WBK FIT recipe database!

When does the challenge start and finish?

This 6 WEEK challenge has been designed to help you improve your fitness, sculpt your physique and boost your mindset all before the New Year rings in! 

SWEAT IT OUT begins on Monday 8th November, 2021 and ends on Sunday 19th December. 

Your workouts and meals will be accessed via the WBK FIT app available on both Android and Apple devices. Access to the WBK FIT app ends two weeks after the challenge concludes. You will be able todownload your plan into simplified PDFs during the challenge to keep forever!

With just a few months left of 2021, it’s time to end the year with a BANG! Girls, now’s the perfect time to check in with yourself, set goals for the next few weeks and smash it out just in time for a brand new year!

With all your workouts, meals, life hacks and virtual chats with girls all around the world, know that we’ll be cheering for you every step of the way. Are you in?

Join over 500, 000+ WBK FIT girls from all around the world. Transform your exercise routine, eating habits and sculpt your best hourglass bod. Let’s sweat it out and have fun while doing it! 

So what are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!

WBK Fit Squad xx