How To Achieve a Snatched Waist

Wondering how to get a smaller waist? Well, you’re in luck because having a snatched waist can certainly be achieved through a combination of the right workouts and tailored nutrition. Here are my top tips!

Challenge your core

Challenging your core in a variety of ways is key to achieving a snatched waist. If endless sit ups come to mind - think again! Your core is made up of more than just your front abdominal muscles. The core also includes the lower and mid back and obliques (the sides of your torso).

To achieve a snatched waist, you need to train your core in all planes of movements. So what does that mean? It means performing exercises that work the front, sides and back of your midsection. And don’t be fooled - your core should feel challenged when performing all exercises, including squats, lunges, TRX rows, and more. 

If that sounds complicated - don’t stress. I’ve put together the best core exercises in my BRAND NEWchallenge GET SNATCHED IN 30!

Add in some HIIT

Most people store abdominal fat around their midsection, particularly the lower belly. One effective way to reduce the amount of abdominal fat stored is to incorporate some HIIT workouts in your routine. HIIT helps to burn stored fat by boosting metabolism, even after the workout is complete! This is because HIIT is performed at a high intensity which places a lot of demand on the body. For this reason, I’ve included cardio/HIIT 3x a week in GET SNATCHED IN 30.

Don’t neglect upper body workouts

Girls, trust me. Upper body is VITAL for helping you achieve a snatched waist. By strengthening your back muscles, it will give the illusion of a more hourglass figure by narrowing the waist. 

Upper body movements help to engage your core, tightening and toning your abs. When performing any upper body movements, ensure you are positioning yourself correctly and engaging your core by pulling your belly button into your spine. Building lean and toned muscles around your back and shoulders also helps create an hourglass shape and enables you to progress in your compound lower body exercises- it’s a win-win for all!

Improve your diet 

Whilst working out is very important, seeing true results really does come down to your nutrition. Regularly eating fast food, drinking alcohol, consuming sweets and desserts will make it very challenging to achieve your physique goal.

Instead, focus on eating a diet filled with wholefoods. Examples include lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and wholegrains. Eating like this will naturally help you be in a calorie deficit, which is what needs to occur to drop excess body fat. 

Whilst this can seem complicated, the WBK app makes this easy for you. When signing into the app, your meal plan is tailored to your goal and you’ll be given a recipe-based meal plan that aligns with the right amount of calories for you to see progress.



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Elise xx