My Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Training

Want that post-workout glow? Make skin care part of your pre and post training routine! Exercise has amazziingg skin benefits by increasing blood flow and helping remove toxins but without skin care, you sacrifice the maximum effect of those benefits!

Sweat and dirt accumulate on the skin during exercise, making post-workout acne common (oh helllll no!) But with the right tips, you can use exercise to elevate your skin to the next level!

1. Ensure your face is clean pre-exercise 

I know lots of #WBKgirls love working out with makeup on, but did you know that exercising in makeup can block your pores? Sweat + bacteria = breakouts (definitely not what we want!) The best way to overcome this is to ensure your face is clean before you workout. 

It’s a good idea to use a gentle makeup wipe before starting your workout (try to stay away from wipes with denatured alcohol they can be quite drying) or wash your face with a cleanser. I use the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser since it's a makeup remover and cleanser in one (it’s vegan and cruelty-free too!) 

2. Wash your face post-workout 

Exercise increases blood flow, pushing toxins out of your skin, but if you just leave all those toxins there, it can mix with bacteria and cause breakouts! Within the hour after working out, make sure to cleanse your face either with cleansing wipes or a regular cleanser. It’s a great idea to keep a packet of cleaning wipes in your gym bag so you don’t forget!

3. Spritz your skin 

My secret for that stunning post-workout glow is using a face mist! Spritzing a hydrating face mist after cleansing the skin rehydrates the skin and gives a dewy look. I use the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator because it's filled with antioxidants and aloe vera to calm and hydrate my skin (and 100% cruelty-free of course).

4. Exfoliate those dead skin cells away! 

Dead skin can build up on the skin the best way to combat this is to regularly exfoliate. Exfoliation sheds off dead skin cells that may be stuck on the surface of the skin if you leave those skin cells there, it can cause breakouts! But don’t go too crazy girls, exfoliating tooooo often is actually harmful to the skin. I exfoliate 2-3x per week to make sure I'm getting those old skin cells off to reveal smooth glowing skin!

5. Keep your skin moisturized 

Yes, it’s important to cleanse your skin, but it’s even more important to rehydrate the skin afterwards! If you don’t moisturize, your skin can actually become more oily as a way of your skin trying to replenish itself. Moisturizing after you have cleansed your skin will help to restore any lost moisture and keep your skin looking supple and soft! I love the Tarte Drink Of H20 Moisturizer because it’s lightweight and contains hyaluronic acid to really plump up the skin! 

I hope y’all follow my tips to keep your skin clear and glowing! Skin care makes such a big difference, but don’t forget about nutrition too! My #WBKgirls got this covered, since WBK recipes are designed to give you all the nutrients you need to not only achieve your dream bod, but also to keep your skin glowing too! 

Katya xx 

N.b. none of the products mentioned here are sponsored or ad gifted in any way :-)