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Bali Thong Bottom | SUNRISEBali Thong Bottom | SUNRISE
Bali Thong Bottom | FUCHSIABali Thong Bottom | FUCHSIA
Bali Thong Bottom | TEALBali Thong Bottom | TEAL
Ibiza Cut Out Bottom | SUNRISEIbiza Cut Out Bottom | SUNRISE
Ibiza Cut Out Bottom | FUCHSIAIbiza Cut Out Bottom | FUCHSIA
Ibiza Cut Out Bottom | TEALIbiza Cut Out Bottom | TEAL
Maui Scrunch Bottom | SUNRISEMaui Scrunch Bottom | SUNRISE
Maui Scrunch Bottom | FUCHSIAMaui Scrunch Bottom | FUCHSIA
Maui Scrunch Bottom | TEALMaui Scrunch Bottom | TEAL
Peach Micro Bottom | SHERBETPeach Micro Bottom | SHERBET OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | BLUSHPeach Micro Bottom | BLUSH OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | MINTPeach Micro Bottom | MINT OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | SKYPeach Micro Bottom | SKY OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | BLACKPeach Micro Bottom | BLACK OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | BLUEPeach Micro Bottom | BLUE OUTLET
Peach Micro Bottom | REDPeach Micro Bottom | RED OUTLET
Apple Thong Bottom | SHERBETApple Thong Bottom | SHERBET OUTLET
Apple Thong Bottom | BLUSHApple Thong Bottom | BLUSH OUTLET
Apple Thong Bottom | MINTApple Thong Bottom | MINT OUTLET
Apple Thong Bottom | SKYApple Thong Bottom | SKY OUTLET
Apple Thong Bottom | BLACKApple Thong Bottom | BLACK OUTLET

Swimwear bottoms

The KISS MY PEACH™ bikini bottoms range offers you every style that you could need. The tanning bikini bottoms have small coverage and maximum tanning potential, ensuring minimal tan lines, while also hugging close to your body to keep you secure. The high waisted bikini bottoms offer a little more coverage for those who want to flatter their stomach and waist while still showing off their curves. Feel comfortable in the water, on the sand and anywhere in between wearing the Kiss My Peach bikini bottoms.