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8 Week Booty Builder

8 Week Booty Builder

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The best-selling program that's changed THOUSANDS of WBK girls' lives! Includes workout & meal plan.


Introducing Booty Builder,  the ultimate 8-week program designed to sculpt your physique, build strength, and enhance your curves like never before. Say hello to a fitter, stronger you with this comprehensive muscle-building plan.

What's Included

Each week, I will send you my specially designed workouts and recipes straight into the app (if you haven't already, get the app here!). Home equipment needed includes Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Long Resistance Band and Booty Bands and Exercise ball. Once you start your program you will have 8 weeks to complete it. Once your plan is completed, you will have an extra 2 weeks to view the plans (but not make changes to it) before access closes.

In addition to 24/7 email support from my team of fitness & nutrition experts, you'll get access to my private Facebook group where I will be posting, and it's only for the girls doing my workouts!

Each weekly plan is specifically developed to target your body in different ways, ultimately allowing you to build your dream body and of course, the perfect glutes! You will receive a new program each week so you won’t get bored or overwhelmed.

The intensity and difficulty of my workouts increase as you progress through the program, so that you are continually challenged as your fitness and strength builds. I will keep you motivated and inspired with personalized messages and videos.


  • Your workouts and meals will be accessed via the WBKFIT app, available in the App & Google Play store.
  • All workouts & meal plans can be saved as a PDF for you to keep forever! You will have access to the app for the full duration of your program. 
  • Once your program has been completed, you will have an additional 2 weeks to view the plans. We recommend you download each of the week’s plans using the download-as-PDF feature during this time. You won't be able to access your plan after this time.
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8 Week Booty Builder
8 Week Booty Builder
Regular price $89.95
Regular price Was Sale price $89.95
Out of Stock


What level of fitness are your workout programs suitable for?

WBK Fit programs cater to a wide range of fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Each program typically includes modifications and progressions to accommodate different fitness levels and goals.

Can I access my purchased ebooks on multiple devices?

Yes, once you purchase an ebook, you can download and access it on multiple devices that are compatible with the file format, such as PDF or EPUB. Simply log in to your account and download the ebook again as needed.

Are your workout programs suitable for home workouts or gym settings?

WBK Fit programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to various environments, including home workouts and gym settings. You can perform the exercises with minimal equipment or utilize gym equipment based on your preference and availability.

Do you offer personalized workout plans?

Currently, we do not offer personalized workout plans. However, our pre-designed workout programs are created by experienced fitness professionals to target specific fitness goals and objectives effectively.

Are your ebooks available in languages other than English?

At the moment, our ebooks are primarily available in English. We are exploring options to translate our content into other languages in the future to reach a broader audience.

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