HIIT vs Resistance Training

HIIT vs resistance training: which is better for you? It all depends on your fitness goals! Both styles of training have their own unique benefits, but one style of exercise may be better suited for you than the other. If you’ve been searching up the differences between HIIT and resistance, we are about to make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s break down the benefits of HIIT vs resistance training so you can choose which is best for you! 

HIIT Training 🔥

Get ready to push your body to the next level! High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has a reputation for being ultra challenging yet the best style of training for fat loss. HIIT involves doing certain exercises with maximum effort for short durations of time, followed by short recovery periods. This reaalllyyy keep your heart rate up whilst working all your major muscle groups at the same time for the ultimate workout. 

HIIT accelerates fat loss and burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. It also helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and gets your heart pumping!🔥

HIIT is WBK FIT trainer Elise’s fav style of workout. In fact, HIIT is one of the way’s Elise achieved her epic weight loss transformation

So let’s break down the details! 

  • Fitness goal: Fat loss
  • Duration: Since HIIT is high intensity, sessions are typically 30 minutes - 45 minutes long. 
  • Equipment: Minimal equipment is needed, in fact, you can even do HIIT just with your own body weight! Dumbbells are can be added to increase the intensity.
  • Gym/Home: Either! HIIT can be done anywhere, with minimal space needed. 
  • Fitness Level:All levels of fitness can do HIIT, so don’t be intimidated - even if you are a beginner! You can modify HIIT to be suitable for you no matter what stage of fitness you are at.

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Resistance Training 

Resistance training, also known as strength training, is a workout style you may be super familiar with. Resistance training is all about sculpting, building and toning your muscles by increasing strength. But don’t be scared - lifting weights does NOT make you bulky! 

The best part about resistance training is that you can work specific muscles that you want to see an improvement on like growing your glutes or sculpting your upper bod🍑 💪.PLUS, resistance training increases your metabolism to keep you fit and healthy. 

Resistance training requires progressive overload to see greater improvements in your strength and to build lean muscle. This means gradually increasing the weight you lift so you are constantly challenging your muscles!

Resistance training is WBK FIT trainer Daisy’s specialty. Through resistance training, Daisy was able to majorly improve her body composition and get a slim thicc figure! 

So let’s break down the details! 

  • Fitness goal: Building lean muscle mass and gaining strength. 
  • Duration: Typically sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour as it takes time to work each muscle group.
  • Equipment: You can use body weight, but resistance training mainly utilizes dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells for added resistance.  
  • Gym/Home: Either, however gym is often a better setting for resistance training as you’ll have unlimited access to weights and resistance machines. You can totally work out at home but you will need some equipment such as booty bands and dumbbells. 
  • Fitness Level: All levels of fitness can do resistance training, however, you’ll need to adjust your resistance level to be suitable for your current level of strength. 

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So which should you choose?

If you’re really wanting to burn extra body fat and slim down, HIIT is the perfect style of training for you. 

If you’re wanting to sculpt your body, increase lean muscle mass and tone up, resistance training would be beneficial for you. 

No matter what style of training you choose, you’ll be in great hands with our WBK FIT trainers. Elise is the master of HIIT and is ready to help you along with your fat loss journey through her fat loss program! Daisy is all about them gainz and is ready to coach you through her lifting techniques to achieve a sculpted bod with her Lean and Strong Program

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