FIT FEBRUARY: How To Keep Up With Your New Year's Goals

February is for getting FIT!

You set your New Year's Goals in January… but have you followed through with them? Even with the best of intentions, sticking to your fitty goals can be a mega challenge!   

Now is the time to check in with yourself so you can stay on or get back on track to achieve your fitty goals in 2022. Start here:

#1 Reassess your goals 

Sometimes, we can be a little far fetched when setting goals (*like expecting to see booty gainz after just 1 workout*). 

The best way to achieve your goals, is to actually set achievable goals in the first place!

Look back at the goals you set and see if they still resonate with you. Are there any goals you want to change? Any you want to add? Take the time to reflect so you have a clear plan moving forward! 

#2 Create healthy habits

Getting FITTY should FIT into your lifestyle! It is far easier to stick to your goals if you establish healthy habits to make it happen. Reflect upon your habits over the last month and see if there is any room for improvement. 

Some habits that may help you achieve your fitty goals are:

  • Getting 7 - 9 hours sleep
  • Potentially waking up earlier to make time for exercise 
  • Food prepping 
  • Going for a daily walk 
  • Starting and ending your day with meditation

#3 Follow a structured workout 

The best way to work towards your fitty goal is to commit to a program! Following structured workouts will ensure you are doing the right exercises, sets and reps to help you achieve your specific fitness goal. 

WBK FIT workouts are designed by our expert trainers to help you achieve your FITTY goals, whether it’s to get lean and strong, build a booty, accelerate fat loss, or get fitter, faster, and stronger! Our programs are designed to progressively get harder over the weeks so you can actually see improvements! 

#4 Track your progress

Girl, you ain’t gonna see change unless you track it!

Be sure to check your progress regularly, we recommend once per week. Depending on your goal, the best way to track progress may be:

  • Taking body measurements such as waist and hip
  • Checking your scale weight 
  • Taking progress photos
  • Tracking the weights you use for your resistance exercises
  • Assessing how you feel, your energy levels, your mood, and your overall wellbeing! 

#5 Reward yourself

Just because you’re working towards a longer goal, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate the small wins! 

Every step forward that you take is one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal. So girl, celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small! Whether you’ve managed to lift heavier at the gym, eat healthier, or even just hitting your step targets - do something to treat yourself! 

WBK FIT is here to help you achieve your goals NO MATTER WHAT! Our trainers are here to guide you through your workouts and nutrition so you can actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions this year. Plus, we have the ultimate community of #WBKgirls across the globe who are here to help uplift and motivate you through your journey!

WBK FIT Squad xx